15:00 PM Thursday, February 22, 2018
Smoliy for NBU Governor; Privatisation bill passes; 28 years to sell Kyiv’s new apartments? Nova Poshta delivers 30% more packages; Dragon buys again
James Brooke Jan 19, 2018
Naftogaz to import Russian gas; Ukraine’s top gas producer to double drilling; Ukraine ranks 3rd for EBRD loans; GE to supply 26 wind turbines to DTEK
James Brooke Jan 18, 2018
IT Exports to grow 25%; Yuzmash to build 20 rocket engines for Europe; Ukraine has proven gas reserves for 22 years; Kroll finds fraud at PrivatBank
James Brooke Jan 17, 2018
Relations with IMF derail; Retail rents rebound 23%; Turkey starts Black Sea canal; Thailand gets Ukraine tanks; Kyiv to get digital radio
James Brooke Jan 16, 2018
Brit who broke up British Gas takes on Naftogaz; CIA blames Russia for NotPetya; Tourists spend $750 million in Lviv; Ukraine air traffic jumps 27.6%
James Brooke Jan 15, 2018
Elon Musk charters Antonov to fly a rocket nose cone across US; Kyiv to control crypto currencies; Five-year, $11 billion highway program approved
James Brooke Jan 12, 2018
Solar Chernobyl ready to generate power; Ukraine IT startups on show at mega Las Vegas show; Food exports to EU grow twice as fast to rest of world
James Brooke Jan 11, 2018
Dutch court freezes Akhmetov companies; Azerbaijan supplies 85% of oil imports; Zhuliany air traffic jumped 64% in 2017; Kyiv Metro ridership rises
James Brooke Jan 10, 2018
China plans 500 mw wind farm in Mykolaiv; Used car sales triple; Regal Petroleum shares spike; Titanium investment up; Poverty falls to 12%
James Brooke Jan 09, 2018
Foreign investors repatriate dividends; Dubai’s DP World invests in Yuzhny port; Tax police raid Kyivstar; Lviv airport tops 1 million passengers
James Brooke Jan 04, 2018
Dragon buys Lviv’s Victoria Gardens shopping center; Online shopping to increase by 30% in 2018; China’s amber demand creates moonscapes in Rivne
James Brooke Jan 04, 2018
Romania negotiating to get power from Ukraine nuke plants; State railroad to get almost 9,000 grain wagons; New car sales jump by one quarter in 2017
James Brooke Jan 03, 2018
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