15:01 PM Thursday, February 22, 2018
Big demand for Ukraine bonds; New budget predicts econ stats; for 2018 Next year, a ‘Marshall Plan’ for Ukraine?
James Brooke Sep 18, 2017
German investor complains of government pressure; Siemens complains of Russian pressure; Foreign trade is up; Startups fare well with crowdfunding platforms
James Brooke Sep 18, 2017
Yalta conference starts today; Central bank leaves interest rates unchanged; OKKO owner starts ‘second Bukovel’ ski area; US IT company builds ‘InnoHub’ in Kyiv
James Brooke Sep 14, 2017
Kolomoisky properties impounded; Ukraine Rail wants to issue Eurobonds; Salaries up 21%, job vacancies up 24%;IMF here next week, Swiss group invests in Lviv bank
James Brooke Sep 13, 2017
Tourism up 8.7%; MHP to increase landbank 50 %; EuroParl wants to abolish roaming charges between Ukraine and EU
James Brooke Sep 12, 2017
SBU freezes Chinese buy of Motor Sich; Energoatom sees nuclear independence from Russia in 2019; Kerch bridge squeezes ships to Ukraine ports in Sea of Azov
James Brooke Sep 11, 2017
Ukraine Eurobond road show starts today in London, US on Wed. and Thursday; Ukraine to privatize three large companies by year’s end; Three US companies plan investments in Ukraine
James Brooke Sep 10, 2017
US Co. to Build New Factory in Ivano F; Exports to EU up 23%; Auchan buys Caravan, doubling French retailer’s size in Ukraine; Chinese company to drill 24 gas wells in Poltava and Kharkiv
James Brooke Sep 08, 2017
Ukraine cuts port fees 20 percent; Sugar exports up six times; Ukraine’s fastest growing airport, Zaporizhia, to get a $20 million passenger terminal
James Brooke Sep 06, 2017
FT: Ukraine to issue first dollar bond in five years; Business up 26.6% this year; Grain exports to go up 3.4%
James Brooke Sep 06, 2017
​Electricity rates lowest in Europe; New car sales up 29 percent; US is largest aid donor to Ukraine; First ‘cryptomats’ open in Kyiv
James Brooke Sep 05, 2017
Survey: Ukraine top investor destination; Czechs invest in Ukraine road building; One third of Ukrainians shop on line; Dobrobut plans $100 million heart center
James Brooke Sep 04, 2017
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