Billie Eilish protests a US abortion ruling at Glastonbury

Billie Eilish’s Glastonbury headline set was used to protest the US Supreme Court’s decision to end the constitutional right to abortion.

“Today is an extremely dark day for women in the United States,” the 20-year-old said from the Pyramid Stage.

“I’m just saying that because I can’t stand thinking about it any longer.”

She went on to dedicate Your Power, a song about older men abusing their power, to everyone who had been affected.

On Friday, the United States Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade, a 50-year-old decision that guaranteed women’s nationwide abortion rights.

As a result of the decision, millions of women in the United States will lose their legal right to abortion, as individual states will be able to enact their own laws.

Eilish was not the only performer at Glastonbury to voice her displeasure with the decision.

Earlier in the evening, on the John Peel stage, indie-folk star Phoebe Bridgers made a similar statement.

“This is my first visit. It’s incredible and surreal, but I’m having a real [expletive] day “She stated.

Bridgers continued by cursing the “old” Supreme Court justices “who try to tell us what to do with our bodies”.
At the age of 20, Eilish’s performance made her Glastonbury’s youngest-ever solo headliner.

She took the stage shortly after 22:00, accompanied by blasts of white noise and sub-bass, and launched into her opening song, Bury A Friend.

From the first note, she was met by cacophonous screams and word-perfect renditions of her songs as she prowled around the stage’s catwalks, twisting her body like a character from The Exorcist.

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