Donovan Mitchell talks about his excitement for the team’s future when he arrived in Cleveland

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Donovan Mitchell has received the same welcome in this community as he once received from his basketball hero.
The young New Yorker got his first taste of being LeBron James after growing up wondering what it was like to support Cleveland from afar.
He said: “I was amazed”.
Mitchell received a thunderous reception from the Cavaliers when they introduced him Wednesday, two weeks after acquiring him from Utah in an exchange that shocked the NBA and captured the three-time All-Star Guard while playing golf.
Mitchell was happy to join his hometown team after months of hearing commercial rumors.
It would have been wonderful to be close to his mother, Nicole, and reunite with his family.

With the Utah Jazz for five seasons, Donovan Mitchell averaged 23.9 points per game.

Instead, he joined the Cleveland Cavaliers expansion, which doubled their wins last season before narrowly missing the playoffs.
I am very happy to be here and to be part of this environment.
When he landed at Burke Lakefront Airport, the team encouraged fans to meet him as he exited a van wearing a Browns baseball cap and Cavs hoodie.
At the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse, Donovan Mitchell was greeted by team members before most of the company’s employees gathered for an introductory press conference that resembled a late-night TV show with no music.
Donovan Mitchell, who played five seasons with the Jazz and averaged 23.9 points per game, has always felt at home in Cleveland.
The Cavaliers quickly become a serious contender During training, Donovan Mitchell and his new teammates have already started to freeze.

Donovan Mitchell and his fresh teammates have already displayed signs of freezing throughout practice.

There is no guarantee that the Cavaliers will become a serious opponent right away as the game is still in development.
He was grounded in reality because he was part of a talented team from Utah that didn’t live up to his potential.
Then added Donovan Mitchell.
Basketball is a five-on-five game.
It’s five-on-five basketball.
Donovan Mitchell said the transaction took place as he and his staff prepared for next season and the Cavaliers manager responded with a smile.
After that happened, Bickerstaff commented that it was a bit of a shock.
Donovan Mitchell must prepare for life changes.
He’s not worried about Cleveland’s harsh winter since he played in Utah.
When he said, “I like the cold,” he was honest.

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