“Crash Landing on You”

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– Hyun Bin stars as Ri Jeong-hyeok, a proficient and emotionally reserved captain of Company Five in the Korean People’s Army stationed along the North Korean portion of the DMZ.

– Lee Chun-moo and Kim Seung-chan portray young and teenage versions of Ri Jeong-hyeok respectively.

– Ri Jeong-hyeok, a piano prodigy from a powerful political family, hides his lineage to secretly investigate his elder brother’s mysterious death. He protects Yoon Se-ri after she crash-lands into his patrol territory and falls in love with her as he helps her find her way back to South Korea.

– Son Ye-jin depicts Yoon Se-ri, a successful South Korean CEO and chaebol heiress with a troubled family history. She rejects an arranged marriage and has casual relationships with celebrities but develops close bonds in North Korea, where she falls in love with Ri Jeong-hyeok.

– Kim Tae-yeon plays young Yoon Se-ri.

– Seo Ji-hye portrays Seo Dan, a North Korean department store heiress engaged to Ri Jeong-hyeok despite his lack of feelings for her. She eventually falls for Gu Seung-jun, a South Korean conman who flees to North Korea.


– Yang Kyung-won appears as Pyo Chi-su, a sergeant-major in Company Five with a grumpy attitude towards Yoon Se-ri but eventually grows to care for her.

– Yoo Su-bin plays Kim Ju-meok, a jovial corporal in Company Five who uses Korean dramas to explain South Korean culture to his colleagues.

– Tang Jun-sang depicts Geum Eun-dong, an innocent lance-corporal in Company Five who misses his mother dearly and supports his family.

– Lee Shin-young portrays Park Kwang-beom, a quiet staff-sergeant in Company Five who is oblivious to his model-worthy good looks.


Yoon Se-ri, portrayed by Son Ye-jin, is a prosperous South Korean businesswoman and heir to a chaebol. While paragliding in Seoul, she is swept off course by a tornado, landing in the North Korean section of the DMZ. Ri Jeong-hyeok (Hyun Bin), a North Korean military captain, discovers her and agrees to aid her return to the South, hiding her in the process.

In the plot, Se-ri finds herself in North Korea after the paragliding mishap, where Jeong-hyeok shelters her and devises plans for her secret return to South Korea. As they spend time together, their feelings deepen, transcending the boundaries set by their countries.

Meanwhile, back in South Korea, Se-ri’s family conceals news of her disappearance, fearing its impact on their company’s stock. Se-ri’s absence sparks a succession battle within her family, as her half-brothers vie for their father’s position. The situation escalates with Se-hyung resorting to unethical methods, while his wife attempts to seize control of Se-ri’s business.

The intertwining narrative includes Seo Dan (Seo Ji-hye) and Gu Seung-jun’s (Kim Jung-hyun) story. Dan, engaged to Jeong-hyeok through an arranged marriage, finds her path crossing with Seung-jun’s, who flees to North Korea to escape pursuit by Se-hyung. As their relationship unfolds amidst political tensions, Jeong-hyeok’s efforts to protect Se-ri from danger intensify, culminating in a showdown with adversaries from both sides of the border.

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