“Badland Hunters” Reviews, Characters and Storyline

Badland Hunters | Official Trailer | Netflix

“Badland Hunters” (Korean: 황야) is a 2024 South Korean action film set in a post-apocalyptic Seoul, directed by Heo Myung-haeng in his directorial debut. Serving as a standalone sequel to “Concrete Utopia” (2023), it depicts the struggle for survival in a chaotic wasteland three years after the events of the previous film. Producer Byun Seung-min is the sole returning member of the original crew.

Featuring Ma Dong-seok, Lee Hee-joon, Lee Jun-young, and Roh Jeong-eui, the movie is an original Netflix production and premiered on January 26, 2024.



In the aftermath of a devastating event in Seoul, Nam-san, an unwavering hunter of the wasteland, along with his comrade Choi Ji-wan and fellow survivors, endure a challenging existence in their village. They brave the barren lands, scavenging for necessities to sustain their community. Their struggles intensify when Su-na, a villager, is abducted by a renegade scientist named Dr. Yang Gi-su. Gi-su, conducting illicit experiments to achieve immortality by injecting individuals with a serum, inadvertently causes the demise of numerous teenagers.

Desperate for more resources for his serum, Gi-su orchestrates a scheme to lure teenagers to his compound within an apartment complex. Learning of Gi-su’s unethical practices, Nam-san, Ji-wan, and military sergeant Lee Eun-ho take action to rescue Su-na. It is revealed that Gi-su’s experiments were driven by his desire to revive his deceased daughter So-yeon, who perished during the city’s downfall.

In a showdown at the compound, Nam-san, Ji-wan, and Eun-ho confront mutant soldiers and successfully liberate Su-na. However, Gi-su flees with So-yeon’s body, pursued by an enraged mob. Amidst the chaos, Gi-su accidentally causes So-yeon’s demise. In the ensuing confrontation, Nam-san ends Gi-su’s life, and together with Su-na and Ji-wan, returns to their village.

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