What name was given to the boy by Paris Hilton and Carter Reum?

The television celebrity and entrepreneur recently disclosed the name of her son with husband Carter Reum on her iHeartRadio show (via PEOPLE). This is Paris. The boy’s name is Phoenix Barron Hilton Reum.

Hilton revealed that she had chosen the name “Phoenix” ten years before. She read a passage from her upcoming memoir Paris in which she discussed why she and Carter chose the name Phoenix for their baby. She continued by saying that she had chosen the name many years before while browsing through atlases for cities, nations, and states that went with Paris and London.

why she gave her son the name Phoenix

The single mother of one, 42, also read a passage from her upcoming book, Paris, in which she gave the background for the name.Phoenix has some wonderful pop culture allusions, but more significantly, it’s the bird that burns itself out and then rises from the ashes to fly once more, the speaker said. “The knowledge that success and failure repeatedly recur throughout our lives is something I want my son to learn as he grows older. And that ought to inspire enormous optimism in us for the future.

Paris Hilton also disclosed that Barron Hilton, her late grandfather, is honoured in the middle name of her son. He was her mentor, she said, and she misses him a lot.

Paris Hilton revealed that she and Carter made the decision to keep their son’s arrival very quiet so they could enjoy the priceless alone time. Even her parents, sister, and friend, according to her, were unaware of his birth until a week had passed.

In her Instagram post, she is announcing her son’s birthday.

On January 25 of this year, Paris shared a close-up photo of her infant son gripping her thumb on Instagram. She added the message, “You are already adored beyond words (blue heart emoji),” along with the picture. She added to PEOPLE Magazine that she and Carter are eager to create a family and that their hearts are already overflowing with affection for him.

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