Jason Momoa’s Alleged Troubling Behavior on Aquaman Set Revealed in Unsealed Court Documents


Recently unsealed court documents have exposed disturbing revelations about the atmosphere behind the scenes of the Aquaman production. These documents shed light on a shocking allegation involving actor Jason Momoa and his conduct towards his co-star, Amber Heard, according to wegotthiscovered.com.

Disturbing On-Set Behavior

The notes from Dr. Dawn Hughes, Amber Heard’s psychologist, reveal troubling incidents during the production of Aquaman. It is alleged that not only did Jason Momoa and director James Wan reportedly advocate for Amber Heard’s removal from the project, but Momoa also engaged in unsettling tactics on set. Reportedly, Momoa would come dressed as Johnny Depp, Amber Heard’s ex-husband, with what appeared to be the intention of creating a hostile environment for his co-star. While some may argue that these actions were intended as a joke, such behavior during a tumultuous divorce and legal battle raises serious questions about professionalism.

Mixed Messages and Support

These revelations contradict earlier public statements made by both Jason Momoa and the director, who had expressed their support for keeping Amber Heard in the film. Notably, the notes mention that Zack Snyder and his producing partner, Deborah, were supportive of Heard’s situation, aligning with their prior stance. The unsealed court documents highlight the challenges faced by Amber Heard in maintaining professionalism amid distressing circumstances.

The unsealed court documents expose a troubling chapter in the making of Aquaman and the difficulties faced by Amber Heard during a highly publicized legal battle. If the allegations against Jason Momoa hold true, they raise deep concerns about his on-set behavior. The contrast between public statements and behind-the-scenes actions adds complexity to the narrative. As these revelations continue to emerge, they reignite discussions about professionalism within the entertainment industry and the impact of personal conflicts on film sets.

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