Finn Wolfhard, a star of Stranger Things, says he’s “proud” of Noah Schnapp for coming out as gay

After Noah Schnapp came out as gay last month, Finn Wolfhard has come out in support of his Stranger Things co-star. In a brand-new interview with GQ that was released on Wednesday, Finn discussed it. “I just got a big smile on my face when I saw it,” he remarked. “I was simply so proud of him,” I said.

Co-stars of Stranger Things, according to Finn Wolfhard, are like “family.”

In the well-liked and profitable supernatural thriller series Stranger Things, Finn plays Mike Wheeler. The 20-year-old actor claimed that the ensemble as a whole treated them like family.

Even though they don’t text one other every day, Wolfhard said they are there for one another when they need them. We’re not in any way feeling like a text message, and not because… it’s like, he said. Do you regularly text your cousins? Most likely not. They are our relatives. On each other’s birthdays, we will speak. We’ll occasionally communicate. But they’re there for me if I ever need them, just like that family is.

Last month, Noah Schnapp disclosed his sexual orientation.

A month after Noah publicly came out as gay on social media, Finn made comments about him. On January 5, Schnapp posted a video on his TikTok account. When he finally came out to his friends and family after spending around eighteen years in the closet, all they could say was that they already knew the truth, he wrote over the video.

He may be seen in the video mouthing the phrase “You know what it never was? That grave. Never was it that serious. In all honesty, it won’t ever be that serious.

He said, “I guess I’m more similar to will than I imagined,” in reference to his Stranger Things character Will Byers.

Will’s sexuality was frequently brought up by viewers throughout Stranger Things’ earlier seasons, although the cast and the programme avoided this matter. Will was simply confused when he was growing up, according to Schnapp, and that’s exactly how kids are.

However, Noah acknowledged that Will is gay and having issues with himself during a summertime interview. He claims that as Will has aged, the show’s creators have made it more clear and authentic. It is now obvious that Will, played by Noah Schnapp, is in love with Mike, played by Finn Wolfhard.

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