Chad Michael Busto Arrested Again for Stalking Emma Watson at New York Fashion Week


Chad Michael Busto, previously detained for stalking Drew Barrymore, has once again found himself in legal trouble, this time during New York Fashion Week. TMZ reports that Busto aggressively entered a dressing room with the intent to locate and confront Emma Watson, marking the latest unsettling development in his string of stalking cases.

Intrusion into Dressing Room Sets Alarm Bells

Court documents unveil the chaotic scene created by Chad Michael Busto inside a dressing room at the Brooklyn Navy Yard during New York Fashion Week. Witnesses reported his aggressive behavior, as he shouted at models and makeup artists, repeatedly expressed his desire to marry Emma Watson, insisted on speaking to her, and took a photo with her. Eyewitnesses quoted him as saying, “I want to marry Emma Watson. Let me speak to Emma Watson. Let me take a photo with Emma Watson.”

A History of Disturbing Incidents

This latest incident isn’t the beginning of Busto’s troubling behavior. He was initially arrested on August 21 for rushing the stage at a live event hosted by Drew Barrymore at 92NY in Manhattan. During the event, Busto confronted Barrymore, demanding to see her. Subsequently, he faced stalking charges after showing up at Barrymore’s residence in Sagaponack, Town of Southampton, and attempting to identify her home by riding his bicycle through their driveways.

Chad Michael Busto’s repeated stalking incidents have raised serious concerns. His recent intrusion at a high-profile fashion event further adds to the distressing pattern of his behavior. Emma Watson, who has dealt with her own share of stalkers in the past, continues to prioritize her safety while remaining committed to not letting such incidents isolate her. As the legal proceedings unfold, it remains to be seen how the justice system will address these alarming episodes and whether additional measures will be taken to protect the targeted individuals, including Emma Watson.

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