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“Destiny 2” is an online first-person shooter developed by Bungie, initially launched as a paid game in 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows platforms. Transitioning to a free-to-play model under the title “New Light” on October 1, 2019, it extended to Stadia the following month and later to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in December 2020. Bungie assumed publishing rights after parting ways with Activision on December 31, 2018. This sequel to 2014’s Destiny expands its “mythic science fiction” universe with a multiplayer shared-world environment blending role-playing elements.

Players assume the role of Guardians, defending Earth’s last bastion using the power of Light against various alien threats while countering the encroaching Darkness. The game offers a mix of player versus environment (PvE) and player versus player (PvP) modes, including story missions, strikes, raids, and free roam activities with public events and NPC interactions. PvP features objective-based and deathmatch modes. Expansion packs like Curse of Osiris, Warmind, Forsaken, and Shadowkeep further enrich the narrative and content, with standalone releases starting from Shadowkeep.

Year Four marked significant changes with the removal of a substantial portion of the game’s content into the Destiny Content Vault. Beyond Light, the fifth expansion, introduced Darkness as a new gameplay element, heralding a transformative phase for the franchise. The roadmap includes The Witch Queen in early 2022, Lightfall in early 2023, and The Final Shape, concluding the “Light and Darkness Saga” before embarking on a new saga. Destiny 2 received favorable reviews upon release, lauded for its narrative improvements, engaging gameplay, visuals, exploration, and multiplayer aspects, despite mixed opinions on weapon reclassification and some new modes. The game garnered several award nominations and wins, including recognition at The Game Awards 2017 and Game Critics Awards.

Destiny 2 blends first-person shooter gameplay with elements of role-playing and massively multiplayer online (MMO) games. In the original Destiny, matchmaking was dynamic, pairing players based on the game’s algorithms, initially limiting communication to console messaging systems until an in-game text chat was introduced later. Destiny 2 refines this with “Guided Games,” facilitating matchmaking by enabling players to find clans seeking additional members for raids. Similar to its predecessor, Destiny 2 offers a variety of activities categorized into player versus environment (PvE) and player versus player (PvP) game modes.

Destiny 2’s expansions have evolved into a larger narrative arc through its seasonal content, starting notably with Shadowkeep. Here, Eris Morn discovers a Pyramid-shaped ship concealed beneath the Moon’s surface, heralding the imminent arrival of the Darkness fleet. As the fleet positions itself above several planets, the Guardian confronts the looming threat while contending with new enemies affiliated with the Darkness. Despite Savathûn’s interference, the Guardians manage to thwart her forces, leading the Darkness to guide them toward Europa, a moon of Jupiter, where a new power awaits. In Beyond Light, the Vanguard further investigates the Darkness presence across the system. On Europa, Guardians embrace the power of Stasis to combat a Fallen House that has also harnessed this force. While some Vanguard members express reservations about wielding Darkness abilities, alliances are forged with unlikely allies, including the Cabal and a faction of Fallen, to counter common adversaries. Meanwhile, Savathûn’s subterfuge involving Osiris unfolds, leading to her eventual defeat and Osiris’s return.

The Witch Queen shifts focus to Savathûn, Oryx’s sister, who manipulates the power of Light to empower her followers, the Lucent Brood. In a battle within Savathûn’s Throne World, Guardians confront the Hive god, uncovering the Traveller’s surprising involvement in her resurrection. As revelations about Savathûn’s past emerge, the conflict intensifies, culminating in her demise and the impending Pyramid fleet assault. Lightfall introduces Emperor Calus’s allegiance with the Witness, culminating in an attempt to breach the Traveller’s shell. Despite Calus’s assistance, Guardians thwart his plans, prompting Crow to offer a solution involving Riven’s last wish. Subsequent seasons see the Vanguard pursue the Witness, leading to the revelation of the Pale Heart within the Traveller, setting the stage for The Final Shape.

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