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“Anger Foot”, an upcoming first-person shooter game from Free Lives and set to be published by Devolver Digital in 2024 for Windows, puts players in the shoes of a renegade vigilante. Armed with both kicks and firearms, players navigate the gritty urban landscape of ‘Shit City,’ battling their way through slums, sewers, and towering skyscrapers teeming with ruthless gangsters.

Anger Foot offers an adrenaline-fueled experience, where players maneuver through dynamic levels, busting through doors to catch enemies off guard while striving to complete each stage swiftly. The protagonist’s most potent weapon is their foot, delivering powerful kicks to dismantle barriers, obliterate obstacles, and eliminate adversaries. Along the way, players can discover additional weapons and power-ups, enabling diverse strategies for tackling challenges. At the conclusion of each level, players have the opportunity to unlock and enhance their sneakers, each pair boasting distinct attributes.

Traversing through various environments like slums, sewers, and skyscrapers, players encounter an array of enemy types, each with unique behaviors and attacks. The game hinges on sharp reflexes, keen situational awareness, and rapid decision-making as players navigate through rooms teeming with foes. Efficiency and speed are prized, with players encouraged to finish levels in record time. Accompanying the gameplay is a pulsating soundtrack crafted to immerse players in the high-octane atmosphere.

In Anger Foot, players assume the role of a green-skinned vigilante driven by vengeance after criminals pilfer his prized sneakers. Determined to reclaim his stolen footwear, the vigilante plunges into the labyrinthine districts of Shit City, confronting its criminal underbelly head-on. With only his formidable kicks and unyielding resolve, he embarks on a relentless quest to retrieve his cherished sneakers and bring justice to the lawless streets.

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