Women in Coaching Are Seeing Exponential Increases in Success off the Back of the COVID Pandemic 

Coaching businesses are a way for industry experts and leaders to share their knowledge with others. They are a powerful way for individuals to pick up the business, personal and lifestyle skills they need to achieve their goals. Taught in-person or online, coaching courses have continued to grow in popularity as they apply a more personable approach to teaching compared to traditional textbook learning. 

This upward trend in popularity has been most prevalent during the COVID-19 pandemic. Statistically, the coaching industry has seen remarkable growth since 2016, with a 6.7% annual increase each year. Further jumps in market share are also anticipated for the future. The significant growth trends have been mostly stimulated by freed-up time due to isolation, lost work and reduced hours. With excess time on their hands, many individuals focused on bettering their skill sets and sought the help of a coach to do so.

Asmita Jason, a course launch expert and the founder of The Launch Boosters, has helped countless coaching business owners take advantage of this market growth. She does so through extensive marketing, tech support and scalable launch strategies. 

Though she has worked with various clients, she sees significant benefits from helping mums launch coaching businesses. This is because the market of female-owned coaching businesses has experienced unprecedented growth across the past five years, with females seeing higher annual expansion and sustained success than men in the same industry. From 2015 to 2019, the ICF 2020 Global study found that women in coaching grew their businesses by 84%, compared to men who grew theirs by 78%. 

Forbes (2022) predicts that the global e-learning and coaching business industry is expected to grow to $325 billion by the end of 2025. This is an anticipated $218 billion increase since 2015. The annualised growth provides entrepreneurial women with a phenomenal chance to capitalise on the market. 

Asmita and The Launch Boosters have already helped many female coaches through extensive step-by-step course launch training. Her strategies have helped many women develop consistent 5-figure revenue months, which has allowed them better support their family growth. On top of this, it enables women to recognise that their expertise is valued and highly sought out by other professionals, mums and individuals. 

Those coaches Asmita assists have seen a remarkable growth in sign-ups for their paid and free offers. They have simplified their launches and are able to have sold out launches. An average of 90% of these clients actively seek support, advice and one-on-one coaching.

If you are looking to make a change and help your coaching program stand out on the market, Asmita has various programs and course launch training you need to ensure your product is live within 90 days. The team at The Launch Boosters provides an all-in-one personalised support to make launching fun rather than scary. They also take full accountability to guarantee women become key figureheads in their respective disciplines. 

If you are ready to launch your coaching program and need advice on getting started, you can contact the team here

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