The business and the entertainment world has a new name who has conquered these both niches with élan – Tariq Khan.

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Apart from holding the reins of the entrepreneurial world, he has cast his spell around the music sphere too.

We have heard umpteen success stories of individuals who have ruled distinct zones with much success. These talented lot have been able to carve their own distinct niche by establishing a strong foothold in their respective zones, attaining success with much ease. The gravest of challenges and setbacks have never held them back from doing things which have taken them to the next level, making them shine bright amidst all. Speaking about such high achievers reminds us of one name who has done exceptionally well in his career, dual careers to be precise, as an entrepreneur as well as a music artist, he is Tariq Ahmad Khan.

Tariq has swept all off their feet by showcasing immense talent which spans across distinct niches. Being a businessman, simultaneously managing his career as an artist, which is a humongous task, he has conquered these fronts with much ease, and is racing ahead at a fast pace in both. His creativity has spellbound those who follow him, making his popularity stand out from others in the same zone. This 24-year-old young talent was born in Mumbai but had to shift to Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, as his father had business interests there. Managing his family business ‘Bombay Lamp Shades’ in Lucknow, he was constantly looking out for establishing his career in the entertainment industry and that made him shift base to Mumbai, the city of dreams.

Within no time he got a foothold in the industry and has not looked back since. His latest music video, “She’s Too Much,” with popular artist M-Zee Bella has taken him a step ahead, making his popularity soar to newer heights. Furthermore, he has joined hands with FHigh Music to further his career gains. Apart from marking his presence in the entertainment zone, he has also made it big as an Instagram Influencer, as he strongly feels that social media is the future and can take him places. His music is found on various music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YT Music, and JioSaavn, and has been widely acclaimed.

To know more, follow him on Instagram @tariq_khan0001, and to view his latest song on YouTube, visit

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