Scilence is the Next Phenomenon to  Push the Music Industry Forward 

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It’s not often you come across an artist who not only is believed to be next up, but also the next phenomenon to take the music industry by storm. You may know Scilence from her hit single “Crush” featuring well respected rappe “Bizarre”, from Eminem’s rap group D12. The “Crush” sensation has just released a new project titled “Scilence Unplugged (The Live LP)”. This project is a collection of all of Scilence’s fan favorite songs, but in a live setting. The instrumentation is unmatched with sounds from a grand piano, rhodes, string quartet, jazz horns, latin percussion, autotune lead vocals and so forth.

The autotune on this album pierces through in such an electrifying way like you wouldn’t believe! Scilence has astounding vocal control over her autotune and a good example of this would be from her sweet-harmonic song “I Like Trips With U”. The way she slips into her deviant head voice is almost like a villain/bad guy that the audience loves to watch. “I Like Trips with U” gives very “Joker” villain vibes and the fans can’t get enough of it!

Scilence is truly coming guns blazing with this record. The California based artist has an invigorating sound that hasn’t been heard before.

Take a listen to “Scilence Unplugged (The  Live LP): Stream my music | Linktree 

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