How High-Quality Video Marketing Benefits Your Business

How High Quality Video Marketing Benefits Your Business 2


Video marketing has been around for a while but with the continued development of high-quality cameras and high definition screens, the pressure to create high-quality video marketing is more intense than ever before. So how does high-quality video marketing benefit your business? It turns out, there are a bunch of benefits to this marketing practice. Take a look at what our sources had to say about this media format.

Grab Attention

The entire purpose of marketing and advertising is to grab attention and convince consumers that your brand or product is better than the competition. Video does this by combining audio and visual features through the video to grab and hold the viewer’s attention. With dynamic presence, it’s often the format of advertising that grabs attention more than other options.

How High-Quality Video Marketing Benefits Your Business 2

“Video is great because it combines multiple senses to pull the viewer in,” says Cody Candee, Founder and CEO of Bounce Luggage Storage. “With the rise of video platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels, it’s become easier to make your way across the screen of your target audience with video than it was even a few years ago. Video ads are no longer limited to television or video platforms like YouTube. They’re now frequently found across social media and aim to grab attention by using motion and sound as the user scrolls.”

Show Personality

Each brand has its own unique set of values and goals that contribute to its personality. Think about it: when you picture athletic companies, you don’t perceive them as having the same personality as a children’s clothing line. One will be more serious and intense while the other is playful and happy. This personality can be communicated through graphics and pictures, but video can do so much more.

“Video allows a business’s personality to shine through with language, voice tone, graphics, and more,” says Chris Gadek, Head of Growth at AdQuick. “There’s a bit of magic to it, actually. You want to connect with your audience – one of the best ways to do that is to create this sort of online persona that has a distinct personality and ‘feel’ that sets you apart from competitors.”

Drive Website Traffic

Video ads can drive website traffic in a few different ways. First, there’s the call to action. The video can advertise sales that are taking place online or products that are online and available for order. Enticing people to go check these out can drive them to the website. Another option is to embed a link to the website in the post or through something like a QR code in the video advertisement.

“It’s becoming more common to see some cool web traffic efforts with video advertising,” says Ryan Rottman, Co-Founder and CEO of OSDB Sports. “Some streaming services allow people to choose which advertisement from a certain business they want to watch while others are allowing users to click a button to send the information to their phone from the smart tv. It’s really creating this cool interactive experience that can drive website traffic and be viewed across multiple devices. Plus, there’s always a link when you see a video ad posted online for easy access.”

Decrease CTR

Click through rate is a tricky thing to decrease. Incorporating high-quality video onto your home page is a tried and true way to decrease the CTR because it grabs your audience’s attention and keeps it there longer. The entire goal of a landing page is to keep people there long enough that they start to explore the site and hopefully make a purchase.

“Incorporating videos into a landing or home page can pull people in and grab their attention right from the start,” says Chris Bridges, CEO of VITAL Card. “The goal is to encourage people to keep scrolling and not stay at the top where the exit and back buttons are located. This can help lead them to new pages and explore the products and merchandise.”

Increase Sales

Increasing sales is a great goal for any business – but have you considered how high-quality video can help you market your business AND increase sales at the same time? If you’re strategic about your marketing strategy, you can incorporate some of the most in-demand products into one video to grab the attention of your target audience and increase sales.

“High-quality video marketing opens up new avenues when it comes to marketing your products,” says Karim Hachem, VP of eCommerce at Sunshine 79. “Having endorsements by popular celebrities or influencers is nothing new, but with the multitude of video platforms now available, it’s easier than ever to make sure it lands on your target audience’s screen.”

Improve SEO Rankings

High SEO rankings are the goal of marketers in all industries. Search engine optimization is done by creating websites and content in a way that drives traffic to a website and increases the ranking the website has within search engines by meeting specific criteria. It turns out, high-quality video can boost SEO content in several different ways. 

“High-quality video can be used to boost SEO rankings through organic views and by creating a consistent and familiar presence on the screens of your target audience,” says Dan Potter, Head of Digital at CRAFTD London. There are many advertising techniques using high-quality videos, but they all have this in common: they want to grab the consumers attention and stick out in their minds. “You don’t want to create another ad that people scroll past, but one that they relate with and have a desire to learn more about. Thia will lead them to clicking on links or reading through comments to learn more about your business,” says Michael Baghoomian, CEO of Muscle MX.

Gain Customers Through Consistency

Video is a great way to convince people to go from potential consumers to customers. This transition can be made by creating that connection with the consumer as they see high-quality video from your business on a regular basis. The key that’s been mentioned a few times throughout this article is consistency.

“It’s no secret that the more you put your advertisement in front of someone, the more likely they are to explore and purchase your products,” says Sean Doherty, General Manager of Box Genie. “With so many advertisements, it can be difficult to grab the attention of your target audience. Creating a high-quality video that not only grabs their attention but convinces them that they should check out your product is a great way to gain customers.”


Videos are more likely to be shared across social platforms than traditional advertising methods. If you’re able to jump on a viral trend or create a video that disrupts your target audience’s scrolling by promoting something they’re really into, they’re more likely to share it with a friend of similar interest.

“Your video being shareable is so valuable in today’s market,” says Kim Walls, CEO and Co-Founder of Furtuna Skin. “If you put a video out there with high-quality content, you’re going to grab the attention of your audience. Then, when someone shares your ad with a friend, it goes from being a business’s effort to push their products to the people being ambassadors for your brand. That is such a powerful transition!”

Communicate Brand’s Message

Last, but definitely not least, high-quality videos are able to benefit your business by marketing and communicating your brand’s message. People want more than a good product. They want to know who you are as a brand. What motivates you? What impact do you have on the world? How are you similar to them?

“Showing a consumer base who you are as a business can be tough with just print advertisements,” says Den Montero, Marketing Director at Moeflavor. “Photos and words are important, but high-quality videos can provide opportunities to share more about your brand. People get to connect with your business on a different level through video as opposed to solely print advertisements.” 


If you were wondering how high-quality video marketing can benefit your business before reading this article, we hope you’ve had your questions answered. High-quality video is about more than creating another type of advertisement. While one of the main goals is to grab attention, the bigger picture is that  it’s a way for you to communicate your business’s personality and passion with your target audience. 

Video marketing is also a great way to drive your website traffic by lowering your CTR and increasing your SEO ranking. These components can make a massive difference in your visibility on search engines which can help increase sales.

Don’t forget – video marketing also helps your advertisement spread through social media by the very target audience you’re looking to reach. Take advantage of the transition from video advertisement to word of mouth by creating content that your target audience will want to share because it speaks to them on a personal level.

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