Good Governance: Freedom Holding Corp. Sets Benchmark in Business Compliance with New Board Members

(Timur Turlov, CEO and Founder of Freedom Holding Corp, Freedom Broker)

(Timur Turlov, CEO and Founder of Freedom Holding Corp, Freedom Broker)

On Monday, Freedom Holding Corps announced major additions to their Board of Directors in a bid to showcase its commitment to good governance.

Freedom Holding Corp. is a leading retail brokerage and investment bank. In just over a decade, the company has built a strong regional standing and huge global footprint, now operating across Central Asia, the US and EU.

The driving force behind Freedom Holdings is Timur Turlov, CEO and Founder. Establishing the firm in 2008, Turlov has evolved the Freedom Holdings from an investment brokerage into an internationally diversified financial services and banking group with the company’s revenue hitting $1.2 billion last year.

At the centre of Turlov’s business model sits strong corporate governance, with the company committed to a robust Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and global compliance policies.

But Mr Turlov continues to place reputable and thought leaders into key positions within the company to further enhance long-term strategic objectives.

In Monday’s announcement, Freedom Holding Corp. announced the appointment of Dr. Kairat Kelimbetov, Andrew Gamble and Philippe Vogeleer to the Board of Directors, and Jason Keer was appointed as Chief Legal Officer, a newly created role.

The diverse yet impressive backgrounds of all appointees’ cements Mr Turlov’s focus on transparency and strong ethical practice in his business model, designed to bridge the gap between Kazakhstan, Europe, and the United States, and secure the firm’s leading role as a partner for the West.

In a statement, Mr Turlov acknowledged that Freedom Holding continues to expand globally and operate across multiple jurisdictions with different regulatory, compliance and operational policies. The additional board members have been appointed to underpin and advance the company’s long-term success, adding ‘leadership experience, deep and varied global operational and governance knowledge, and worldwide strategic positioning’.

The new board members include Dr. Kelimbetov.  Dr. Kelimbetov is one of Central Asia’s most experienced financial experts, having been Governor of the Astana International Financial Centre, as well as Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan and Governor of the National Bank. He will no doubt bring significant experience to the firm’s long-term objectives for expansion and greater integration into the global financial sector.

Mr Kerr has extensive legal experience across industries, advising on complex commercial litigation and regulatory matters. Acknowledging his appointment, Mr Kerr said that ‘this new role is designed to assist us in establishing a unified legal structure across the enterprise and improve the coordination of the multi-jurisdictional legal affairs of the Company’.

Similarly, Mr Gamble has nearly 50 years of legal and advisory experience across jurisdictions in Asia, Africa, South America and Europe, and Mr Vogeleer has extensive experience helping corporations build partnerships with governments and international organisations.

These appointments certainly help advance Mr Turlov’s ambitions to build an economic powerhouse and put Kazakhstan on the map as a reputable and trusted trading partner. Mr Turlov has put a strong emphasis on building an ethical and operational business environment that acts as a leading example within the financial sector and beyond.

Such an approach has certainly worked for Mr Turlov to date, building an impressive empire that has successfully expanded into new markets globally and built a strong international rapport for its principles and approach to delivering ethical impact.

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