Ayoub Rasmi Says Liv Marrakech will Revolutionizes Tourism in The Pearl of Morocco

Serial entrepreneur and CEO of Liv Rental, Ayoub Rasmi founded the company with the mission of delivering the best possible one-stop-shop for all your high-end tourism rentals and needs in Marrakech. When it comes to planning a trip, especially to somewhere you?ve never been, you want to be sure you make the most out of every moment. You want to trust that your stay will be maximized with luxury, exploration and ease. The last thing a vacationer wants is to stress about researching where to stay, how to get around, and what to see.

Marrakech Explorations With Liv

The next time you come to Marrakech, Liv has everything you need and more all in one convenient location. Who better to guide you through your journey of a mystical land than someone who lives there and knows it like the back of his own hand? While it can be tempting at first to use any rental or vacation agency, the perks of using one that is specific to the area you are visiting are paramount.

Liv Marrakech  is proud to offer premium services by way of car and apartment rentals. This ensures that when you visit Marrakech, you won?t have to worry about staying in a hotel or taking taxis, rather you can live like a millionaire even if just for a few nights. Rasmi believes that tourists need to experience Marrakech through this lens in order to have their trip lived out at maximum enjoyment. In addition to luxury car and apartment rentals, Liv is proud to offer the following extra services for all those looking to live it up on their vacation in Marrakech.

Additional Marrakech Sight Seeing

Marrakech and Beyond

The tourism industry has seen massive growth in Marrakech in the last five years, drawing entrepreneurs and investors from all over. Ayoub Rasmi plans to launch Oasi Marrakech, a string of luxury apartments within the Montgomerie Golf Club in the coming year as a part of Liv Marrakech. We?re sold on the incredible luxury and ease of using Liv for our next trip to Morocco. Between the recommendations and accommodations, your trip will be nothing less than five-stars when you use Liv Marrakech  for your next vacation.

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