Alex Temiz Crossed Milestone Of $2.5M Profit In 2021 Day Trading In First Hour Of Market Makes Him Famous Across In Trading World

 $2.5M profit in the first hour of the market! Isn’t that an amazingly surprising thing? Well, there is nothing feasible for Alex Temiz when he starts playing with numbers & stocks in the market.

Alex Temiz, a renowned name in the stock market is currently the sensation of the stock industry as his calculations, predictions & estimations about the stocks are precise & exact. He is smart enough to play with the numbers, and it doesn’t seem difficult for him to get the accuracy in his overall statistics.

By far you came to know that Alex Temiz is the new star of the stock market presently. To make a long story short, here is the briefing & everything you need to know about Alex Temiz.

Alex is 23 and he is into trading for more than four and a half years. The main reason that got him into trading is that his girlfriend dumped him, and he wanted to get rich.

With each passing year, Alex improved his skills, get the best knowledge of the stock market, the highs & lows, filings, and many such things that boosted his skills as well as made him aware of the upcoming risk factors.

Explaining the things that he does to get better going long, Alex says, “The only way to get good at something is to PRACTICE it. It is just not enough to read & study about it. Instead, all you need is to experience the things, how it works and all.”

Further, he says, “I don’t see myself getting better at longs until I started testing them out and doing it myself. Stock trading is all about risk management. I am going to lose money because I am still trying to get things better, but it’s okay to lose $500 a day or $1000 a day for the opportunity to make $10,000 consistently. I always refine & plan my strategies.”

In the year 2021, Alex achieved the milestone of earning a $2.5M profit in day trading for the first hour of the market. That was truly an incredible achievement of his life. He says, “It’s not about being green on the day, it is about whether I have followed my plan.”

According to Alex, if you hesitate to take a trade, it means that you don’t trust your process, you are not sure of your calculations. Well, anyone can make money in the market, but there are very few who know the trick to keep that money for longer.

 Suggesting some tips to the newbies in the market, Alex says, “Get the habit of recording your trades and watch the tape. Review your technical analysis, and learn to read filings. Always get more information of the stock you are trading against.”

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