Will Tom Cruise Make “Top Gun: Maverick” Sequel?

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You’ve just finished seeing Top Gun: Maverick on demand, and you’re in tears because Goose’s legacy is carried on by Rooster. You’re also pondering the release date for the sequel to Top Gun: Maverick.

We are aware of your demand for haste, but you should slow down on that one. After all, Top Gun 2 was only produced after 36 years. Tom Cruise reprises his role as Maverick in the Joseph Kosinski-directed film. This time around, though, Maverick is a seasoned pilot entrusted with mentoring the Top Gun program’s hotshot new recruits. That includes Glen Powell and Miles Teller’s portrayals of Lieutenants Jake “Hangman” Seresin and Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw, in whom Maverick sees himself. By the time the film is through, you’ll be pleading for more films with these characters both old and new. What is currently known regarding the potential for a Top Gun: Maverick sequel, often known as Top Gun 3, is included below.

Will there be a third Top Gun film?

At this moment, there is no official word about a Top Gun: Maverick sequel. Given the movie’s enormous box office success, which saw it earn over $1.4 billion worldwide, the type of profit Hollywood hasn’t seen since before the COVID-19 epidemic, it is quite probable that Paramount would quickly approve Top Gun 3. However, the actors and crew have stated in several interviews that everything hinges on Tom Cruise’s preferences. The son of Maverick’s late closest buddy, Goose, LT Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw is the subject of a second Top Gun film that Miles Teller has expressed a strong desire to see. The actor emphasized that Cruise had the decision-making responsibility and that they had been “having chats.”

Will Tom Cruise Make "Top Gun: Maverick" Sequel? 2

When IndieWire questioned Maverick director Joseph Kosinski on the likelihood of another Top Gun sequel, he had a similar response. The director laughed and remarked, “Tom finally agreed to do this one after 36 years.” “He has the choice. The person who has to be persuaded is him. This initiative began with Jerry and I traveling to Paris to convince Tom to take part. The story is everything, really. It’s all about the feelings. Maybe it will happen if we can come up with a plan for Maverick to travel back in time to help these young pilots solve their problems. For the time being, I believe we should simply appreciate having this one.

The subject of Top Gun 3 has not yet been addressed by the guy himself. With two additional Mission: Impossible films that he is both producing and acting in over the course of the next two years, Cruise will be rather busy. It is unclear whether he will have time in his schedule for a Top Gun: Maverick sequel.

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