Who is the new villain in Captain Marvel 2?

Who is the new villain in Captain Marvel 2?

Now, there isn’t a great deal had some significant awareness of Captain Marvel 2’s story. Larson is obviously returning as Carol Danvers and will be joined by Teyonah Parris as the grown-up Monica Rambeau, who previously showed up on WandaVision. MCU novice Iman Vellani will also play a vital part in the film as Ms. Marvel. With Vellani getting her own Disney+ series one year from now, it’s possible the events of that show could set up the story for The Marvels in 2023. Aside from these three superheroes, The Marvels also includes Park Seo-Joon in an undisclosed job and Ashton, who is allegedly the villain in the sequel.

Larson as of late shared three photos on Instagram of her close to Ashton. Wearing a Villain Lovers Club sweatshirt, Larson encourages fans to start theories on Captain Marvel 2‘s villain. The actress’ original post should be visible underneath:

With The Marvels still north of a year away, Disney hasn’t started the marketing push for the sequel. While Disney hasn’t released much with regards to the sequel, Larson is very dynamic on social media and often shares exercise photos and videos of her superhero training. The videos may not uncover any story details about the sequel, yet one post toward the beginning of December showed another logo for The Marvels. Filming on the sequel apparently wrapped toward the finish of November, so new looks at the film could be coming soon, yet an authority trailer and poster probably will not be released at any point in the near future.

Larson wants fans to start speculating about Captain Marvel 2, yet fan theories about Ashton’s job started as soon as she was cast. While Ashton is relied upon to be the film’s main villain, it’s impossible to say who she is playing now. Assuming Marvel opts to go with an all the more notable adversary of Carol Danvers, Moonstone could be one possibility, or even Queen Veranke, who could assist with tieing The Marvels to the Disney+ series Secret Invasion. Marvel has frequently sexual orientation swapped characters as indeed, which creates considerably more possibilities for who Ashton could be playing.

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