When will Riverdale Season 6 premiere on Netflix?

The release date of Riverdale season 6 on Netflix varies depending on where you reside. International viewers have been receiving weekly episode drops, with new episodes debuting on Netflix every Monday. The US must wait a little longer. Here is a detailed schedule of Netflix release dates for Riverdale season 6.
The CW’s enduring series is known as “the one everyone loves to hate.” The sitcom, which adapts the Archie comics, continues to be one of the network’s best-performing shows and does well on Netflix as well.

Filming delays brought on by the global epidemic made Season 5 of Riverdale on The CW premiere in early October 2021 instead of the anticipated summer. Therefore, season 5 is still unavailable to individuals living in the United States at this time.
As you may have heard, season 6 will serve as the show’s penultimate season, with season 7 serving as its climactic season. The release of the last season is anticipated for 2023, however the number of episodes has not yet been disclosed. Like all prior seasons, it will be available on Netflix.

Given that Riverdale and Sabrina both originate from the same place in the Archie comics universe, it has taken a while for this to happen. Although she is not featured on Netflix, Katy Keane also exists in the same reality.
On October 8th, Kiernan Shipka announced that she would be resuming her role as Sabrina Spellman. “From Greendale to Riverdale” was the tease that accompanied the announcement.
Shipka starred in the four-season run of the Netflix Original series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, which was created by Warner Brothers Television and is the reason she may be seen in Riverdale.

Outside of the United States, Riverdale Season 6 is available on Netflix on a weekly basis.

For those outside the United States, Riverdale season 6 will be available weekly the day after it airs on The CW. New episodes air on Tuesdays before being released on Netflix at 8:00 a.m. GMT in every region other than the United States. Netflix Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East are all included.

Episode NumberNetflix Release Date
Episode 1 –Welcome to RiverdaleNovember 17th
Episode 2 –Ghost StoriesNovember 24th
Episode 3 –Mr. CypherDecember 1st
Episode 4 –The Witching Hour(s)December 8th
Episode 5 –The Jughead ParadoxDecember 15th
Episode 6 –UnbelievableMarch 21st
Episode 7 –Death At a FuneralMarch 28th
Episode 8 –The TownApril 4th
Episode 9 –The Serpent Queen’s GambitApril 11th
Episode 10– Folk HeroesApril 18th
Episode 11– Angels in AmericaApril 25th
Episode 12– In the FogMay 2nd
Episode 13– Ex-LibrisMay 9th
Episode 14– VenomousMay 16th
Episode 15– Things That Go Bump in the NightMay 23rd
Episode 16– Blue CollarMay 30th
Episode 17– Chapter One Hundred and Twelve: American PsychosJune 13th
Episode 18– Chapter One Hundred and Thirteen: BiblicalJune 27th
Episode 19– Chapter One Hundred and Fourteen: The Witches of RiverdaleJuly 11th
Episode 20– Chapter One Hundred and Fifteen: Return to RivervaleJuly 18th*
Episode 21– Chapter One Hundred and Sixteen: The StandJuly 25th*
Episode 22– One Hundred and Seventeen: Night of the CometAugust 1st*

Season 6 will not be available until next year for folks in Latin America. According to JustWatch, Season 5 has only recently arrived on Netflix Brazil. Netflix Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico are also included. Season 5 of Riverdale will not be available on Netflix in South Africa or Spain until February 2022.
The United States is generally one of the latest to acquire new Riverdale seasons. Netflix US acquires the show as part of a legacy contract with The CW in which shows are delivered to Netflix around a week after the season finale airs.
Given the 22-episode episode schedule described above, we anticipated Riverdale season 6 would be available on Netflix US in early August 2022.

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