Watch the Trailer for Joel Kim Booster’s Netflix Stand-Up Special

Joel Kim Booster, a comedian, is having a big month. Fire Island, the romantic comedy he wrote and stars in, premiered on Hulu in early June to overwhelmingly positive reviews, and his latest stand-up special will be available on Netflix next week.
Psychosexual, his first hour-long, and first Netflix special, arrives on June 21, and according to Netflix will look at both Booster’s “fascination for human sexuality” and the “cultural nuances” he’s noticed as an ageing Asian-American.

The final Booster special was a half-hour episode of Comedy Central Stand-up Presents in 2017, and that same year, the great Model Minority album was also made available on the network. Since then, he has worked as an actor on shows including Shrill, Search Party, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Bob’s Burgers, as well as a writer and producer for The Other Two and Big Mouth. He has a recurring role on the NBC sitcom Sunnyside in 2019. All of this is just to say that Booster has a solid track record of producing genuinely intelligent and humorous comedies, and there is every reason to believe that Psychosexual will continue that trend.

But don’t believe our words. Netflix today released a trailer for Psychosexuals. You can see this below. Although short (there should be a trailer-watch out for Hollywood!), Boosters are still fun and still have a killer fashion sense. Check out the trailer below to catch the full special on Netflix next week. Not surprisingly, many are reluctant to support Netflix at this point, but to tell the kind of jokes they might hear at their grandparents’ Thanksgiving table, they’re on a regressive old troll. After giving millions of dollars, the booster is one of the good guys-smart, funny, charming and coming from the right place.

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