They Never Knew They’ll End Up Like Aladdin And Jasmine In Real Life

They Never Knew They'll End Up Like Aladdin And Jasmine In Real Life

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian began dating after they met on October last year when Kim was made her hosting debut on Saturday Night Live. Kardashian and Davidson, who featured in an SNL skit playing a couple, never imagined that they would end up together. Recently, Kim Kardashian appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and talked about her love life with Pete Davidson. The celebrity businesswoman, who is busy promoting her new reality tv show called “The Kardashians”, told one of the cutest moments about her relationship, disclosing her and Pete’s first Valentine’s Day together.

She shared how the couple first kissed in an SNL sketch when they were not dating and revealed the special present Pete Davidson gave her on the 14th February. Kim Kardashian told that Davidson gifted her their Jasmine and Aladdin outfits, the magic carpet as well as the Genie lamp, all of which are from their Saturday Night Live’s sketch. Emphasizing how the SNL sketch is linked to her Valenine’s Day, Kardashian is openly discussing about her new boyfriend and has comfortably shared details of her love life in several interviews.

In fact during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres on her show, Kardashian expressed that she is very happy with Pete Davidson and also shared that her boyfriend has gotten tattoos just for her. On Instagram, the couple are not shying away from posting pictures together giving fans glimpse of their controversial relationship.

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