The Weeknd Reveals New Song Nothing Is Lost (You Give Me Strength) from Avatar 2 soundtrack

The Weeknd’s most recent single, which honours James Cameron’s Avatar sequel musically, has just been released. The song, titled “Nothing Is Lost (You Give Me Strength),” which plays during Avatar: The Way of the Water’s closing credits, is released one day before the film’s official domestic wide release on December 16th. The song was written and performed by The Weeknd, and it was produced by Swedish House Mafia and Simon Franglen. It is an upbeat battle cry that honours resilience, life, and death.

On December 4th, The Weeknd posted a picture of the Avatar logo to his Instagram and Twitter accounts, along with the caption, teasing the next song. Jon Landau, one of the movie’s producers, also tweeted a picture of himself with the performer. “As the Na’vi say, ‘Zola’u nìprrte’ soaiane Avatar’, Welcome to the Avatar family,” he wrote. The song is a part of the soundtrack for the first movie, which was published on Thursday and will be released on vinyl in the first quarter of 2023. There are more than 20 songs on the CD, including “The Songcord,” which is performed by Zoe Saldaa, the movie’s leading lady.

James Cameron’s eagerly anticipated film Avatar: The Way of Water debuted at the global box office, earning $15.8 million on its opening day from 15 other countries. Following Korea ($3.3 million) and France ($2.9 million), Germany ($2.5 million), and Italy ($1.6 million), these countries had Avatar: The Way of Water’s biggest opening. “The Way of Water” is expected to be a box office smash, but its first weekend box office performance failed to set any records.

The new adventure, which is set more than ten years after the first movie, will send Jake and his family through areas of Pandora that have never been explored by viewers in the search for safety. The RDA has increased its mining operations on the planet, so they are looking for a way to protect their family while also defending themselves from the advancing danger. The franchise is moving to a new, aquatic region, and the trailers so far have shown some absolutely breathtaking vistas. A cast brimming with new and returning talent is appropriate for the revival of a film this revolutionary. CHECK OUT THE SONG HERE:

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