The Summer Of MoThe Summer Of Morbius Is Still Going Strong As It Takes the Top Spot on Netflixrbius Is Still Going Strong As It Takes the Top Spot on Netflix

Yesterday was the Queen’s passing. However, there is always a bright spot because Morbius is currently the most popular film on Netflix. You may recall Morbius as the awful film with Jared Leto as the titular vampiric anti-hero. It was also possibly the only film in history to fail not just once, but twice. Through widespread social media memes, Sony was persuaded that the first time was a joke and that if they brought the movie back a second time, all those Morbheads would genuinely flood into cinemas to watch it.

The same Morbheads made a third attempt to troll Sony, but it doesn’t appear as if Sony fell for their trap. Instead, the movie was made available on Wednesday through the streaming provider Netflix, allowing viewers to securely see what the memes were about. The general opinion has been just as divided thus far as it was when the movie initially hit cinemas. Some fans have even said that the Queen’s passing was caused specifically by the Netflix release of Morbius.

But those supporters would be mistaken. Only the US version of Netflix had Morbius available, with the UK version blissfully unaware of the passing of time (except for Morbin’s time, of course). Morbius only tops the Netflix rankings in the US, while the rest of the world is watching the romantic comedy Love in the Villa, starring Tom Hopper and Kat Graham. Philistines all, they were.

Now, I’m not suggesting that everyone reading this subscribe to a VPN service to spoof their location to be somewhere in the United States to fool Netflix into streaming Morbius around the world, but I’m not suggesting it either. The Queen died so that Morbius could live. Let not her sacrifice be in vain.

Watch The Trailer Of Morbius Here:

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