The Flash movie set photo shows a location from the comics

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A recent The Flash movie set shot indicates the presence of the important comic book setting Central City, giving the impression that Barry Allen is returning to his homeland. In the upcoming DC Universe film, Ezra Miller’s titular character attempts to stop his mother’s murder in order to liberate his father from jail, but his alteration of history has unanticipatedly disastrous effects on his timeline. Barry will be visiting a familiar location on his voyage even though it is anticipated that The Flash movie would show him traveling around the multiverse and meeting a number of heroes along the way.

Andy Muschietti posted a fresh picture from the set of The Flash on Instagram while fans waited in vain for the movie’s official trailer. The director’s photo was posted with the comment, “Setting: Central City, the titular hero’s birthplace, at midnight,” and it shows him clutching a darkened replica of the Scarlet Speedster’s symbol in his palm. See the picture from the set below:

Explanation of The Flash movie’s connections to the comics

Given that the hero is frequently referred to as the guardian of the city, Central City’s participation in The Flash movie may not come as much of a surprise to comic book readers. Even in the theatrical and later releases of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, it was depicted with Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne traveling to Central City to enlist Miller’s Barry in the battle against Steppenwolf. The scenes that took place there also served to introduce Barry’s love interest, Iris West (Kiersey Clemons), and his imprisoned father, Henry Allen. They can also be seen toward the conclusion of the movie when Barry accepts a position as a forensic scientist with the Central City Police Department.

The Flash movie set photo shows a location from the comics 2

Those familiar with the comics will also be aware that Central City is the location of one S.T.A.R. Labs branch, where Barry would learn how to control his powers. Additionally, Central City was frequently used as the setting for the main hub of operations for the character in The Flash TV series. Given that S.T.A.R. Labs was first mentioned in both Justice League and Zack Snyder’s Justice League as the place where Joe Morton’s Silas Stoneworks transformed his son Victor into the superhero known as Cyborg, who is played by Ray Fisher, it would be interesting to see the company expanded upon in the upcoming The Flash film.

Even outside of Central City, The Flash will include a number of significant comic book links. In particular, its plot will draw on the Flashpoint comic book arc, in which Barry tried to stop his mother’s death and basically restarted time itself. Some have expressed hope to see a more accurate portrayal of the personality of the comic character than the one seen in both versions of Justice League, which comic book fans more closely associated with that of Wally West than Barry. The only Flash trailer that has been released so far also teases multiple Barrys in the movie. When The Flash premieres in cinemas on June 16, it will be possible to determine whether there are any other comic book links for viewers.

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