The chances of a third Top Gun movie have increased with the latest news from Maverick’s actor

After Top Gun: Maverick star Glen Powell provides an update on the threequel’s behind-the-scenes production, Top Gun 3 hopes start to look a bit more promising. The Top Gun sequel by Joseph Kosinski, which was well received both critically and commercially, demonstrated that the wait was worthwhile. The cherished movie offered Maverick the ideal happy ending by concentrating on his career and emotional arc. Given this, the big-budget movie may potentially serve as the franchise’s final chapter. Given how popular it has grown, there is interest in Top Gun 3 to continue the story of Maverick and the whole Top Gun movie franchise.

Top Gun 3 should be approved by Paramount without a second thought in the era of franchises. Top Gun: Maverick’s anniversary of release is approaching, but the studio has said nothing regarding the threequel. Despite the dearth of information, Top Gun 3 prospects improve slightly as Powell provides an update on the project. The actor implies that there could be ongoing development on it in a statement to Variety while at the 2023 Golden Globes.

Is there a possibility of a third Top Gun movie?

The wait for Top Gun’s formal announcement is noteworthy given the popularity of Top Gun: Maverick. Many cast members have indicated a wish to return for the threequel in their respective roles. Tom Cruise, the film’s biggest star, has not yet directly responded to calls for the franchise to continue. In addition to a number of other projects, the actor is collaborating with Tropic Thunder’s Les Grossman on a musical and a new action franchise. Along with the Mission: Impossible movie series, there have also been discussions regarding an Edge of Tomorrow sequel and a space-themed project with filmmaker Doug Liman. Without Cruise, the Top Gun franchise would not exist, thus it is reasonable to argue that Cruise is essential to the success of Top Gun 3.

Top Gun: Maverick shows that there’s nothing necessarily negative about having a long gap between movies. The Top Gun sequel took decades to come, and there weren’t even any ideas for it for a while since Cruise was reluctant to tarnish Tony Scott’s groundbreaking first film. Therefore, even if Top Gun 3 won’t be released any time soon, it doesn’t imply it will ever be. The fact that Cruise secretly worked on Top Gun: Maverick for years is important to note for those who are hopeful that it will arrive sooner than its predecessor. After seeing how the audience reacts to his most recent blockbuster, he could decide to put Top Gun 3 ahead of his other projects.

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