The Boys Season 4: Jensen Ackles Drops Hints About Soldier Boy’s Return


In The Boys season 4, Jensen Ackles teases that Soldier Boy will return in a message. Ackles collaborated once more with Supernatural creator Eric Kripke after his time as Dean Winchester to portray a superhero with much greater father issues in Prime Video’s The Boys. Before being betrayed by Payback and captured by the Russians for testing in 1984, Solider Boy, a spoof of Captain America, served as Vought’s patriotic mascot.

In season three of The Boys, Billy Butcher and his gang unintentionally save Soldier Boy while searching for a weapon to kill Homelander. Butcher and Hughie consent to assist Soldier Boy in hunting down former Payback members in return for assistance in murdering Homelander when Soldier Boy accidentally becomes that weapon due to his abilities to nullify Compound-V. It is revealed in the penultimate episode of season three of The Boys that Homelander was made in a laboratory using Solider Boy’s sperm. Unfortunately, there isn’t a happy family reunion in the series conclusion, as Soldier Boy calls Homelander a “disappointment” and Butcher finally turns against Soldier Boy after Ryan is attacked. Before Queen Maeve pushes Soldier Boy out of Vought tower, MM injects him with a nerve toxin with the assistance of Starlight and Kimiko. Soldier Boy was seen by spectators for the final time as he lay gassed within a capsule. Urban just tweeted a picture of himself and Jack Quaid getting ready for filming as The Boys season 4 shooting got underway. Ackles made a comment on the article that alluded to his comeback to The Boys.

This remark by Ackles may have been made to tease the audience. The Boys’ third season-ending does, however, leave room for his fan-favourite character to return. He wasn’t only kept alive by Kripke for the sake of possible Supernatural Easter eggs. With the start of season 4, Soldier Boy will play a significant role in the bigger plot due to his capacity to burn the V out of supers. If the events of season 3’s battle in Vought Tower had been different, Homelander would have become helpless rather than Maeve, which would have completely altered the world of The Boys.

While viewers shouldn’t anticipate Ackles to appear in the first few episodes of season 4, it seems probable that The Boys won’t keep his character off-screen for very long. The popularity of Soldier Boy and his significance to the plot seem to guarantee that he will appear again. Even she was brought back in season 3 after Stormfront was destroyed by Ryan at the conclusion of season 2 because Kripke had previously stated that Aya Cash wouldn’t show up. Not only is Soldier Boy in quite an excellent condition, but he also has Victoria Neuman’s opponents, whom Butcher and the Boys are targeting as Season 4 begins.

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