Stop spreading ‘fake news’ about Kanye West, Chaney Jones says

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 Chaney Jones hit back at reports that she and Kanye West have parted ways with a recognition video to pay tribute to his 45th birthday celebration Wednesday.

Jones shared a montage to Instagram that highlighted photographs of her and West all through their romance, and over it, she stated, “Blissful birthday child [black-heart emoji] I love youuuuu.

She additionally denied the reports stating, “If it’s not too much trouble, quit posting and getting out the counterfeit word about my relationship. Have some regard, it’s his birthday.”

Stop spreading 'fake news' about Kanye West, Chaney Jones says 3

On Wednesday evening, she posted one more video of the pair in a vehicle with the subtitle, “Chuckling with you is my number one.”

Jones’ accolade comes after she cleaned all photographs of her and the Yeezy style creator from her Instagram matrix, which just further filled the separation reports.

 The rapper and Jones’ relationship became “rough” after their excursion to Tokyo in May yet, in addition, recognized West’s set of experiences of the unpredictable way of behaving.

“You know how things are. Tomorrow they may be posted together once more,” our insider shared without having realized they would nail that timing.

The split reports initially surfaced over the course of the end of the week when the “Through the Wire” rapper was captured seeing “Top Gun: Maverick” with model Monica Corgan.

Stop spreading 'fake news' about Kanye West, Chaney Jones says 4

Jones and the “Relentless” entertainer previously ignited sentiment bits of gossip in February, and she later affirmed their relationship by posting photographs from a “Night out.” The sentiment seemed to turn serious when Jones inked his name on her wrist.

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