Sodapoppin Slams ‘Ridiculously’ on Twitch Streamer NFTs that have been priced

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A prominent streamer on Twitch named Sodapoppin has a large following throughout the world. His broadcasts are recognised for being entertaining, enthusiastic, and on target.

‘Non-Fungible Tokens’, a recent blockchain trend, drew the attention of the streamer recently. For months, NFTs have been the buzz of the town. Basically, it’s a digital asset that grants you ownership of a digital art work by registering it to your name on the blockchain. As long as everyone can see and even take a snapshot of the work you own, you are the one who really owns it and has it recorded on the blockchain. That’s what NFTs are all about.

Who Said Sodapoppin Said So? It’s all about the Non-Fungible Tokens for certain individuals, and they’ve made it their whole persona on the internet. On his December 24 webcast, Sodapoppin discussed the topic of Dead by Daylight. What he said was:

“Dude, I keep being followed by verified Twitter users and I’m like, ‘Oh, who is it?'” ‘NFT connoisseur, explain to me about Bitcoin!’ I think as I look at it. Is that all there is to it?” ‘It’s a Big Business’

NFTs, however, have the potential to generate enormous profits for their owners. The fact that a lot of individuals are making a lot of money from it doesn’t surprise me. It’s grown so commonplace that “Holy fuck, it’s become people’s personalities.”

Also of interest: Alinity, a Twitch streamer, is launching her own NFT company. Since the mania for crypto and NFTs is growing exponentially, Sodapoppin isn’t entirely off the mark. Athletes, athletes, celebrities, and the general people are all trying to cash in on the fad.

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