Robert Siegel’s ‘Pam & Tommy’ disrupts Pamela Anderson’s privacy

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Pam & Tommy is an American biographical drama miniseries based on the marriage between Pamela Anderson and Motley Crew drummer Tommy Lee. The series starring Lily James and Sebastian Stan as Pam And Tommy, respectively. the series was created by Robert Siegel and produced by Point Grey Pictures, Annapurna television and Lionsgate Television. The show was premiered on Hulu from February 2-March 9, 2022. The series was originally derived from the 2014 Rolling Stone article “Pam and Tommy: the Untold Story of World’s Most Infamous Sex Tape” by Amanda Chicago Lewis.

The writers of the show Pam & Tommy causes far more harm than good to the real Pamela Anderson by disregarding her consent and privacy in the same way the leaked tape did years ago. The series jeopardize the trouble time in Anderson’s life by rendering the literal sources surrounding the infamous video of Pamela Anderson and her husband, Tommy Lee. The personal video made by the couple was stolen by Rand Gauthier and leaked to the public via internet. The tape has caused some serious life problems to both of their life. Anderson’s career was completely drained as she was persistently and ruthlessly harassed and shamed by the media and the public.

The creators of the show claimed that the show is a sympathetic attempt to showcase inconvenience of the couple’s life. However, it does not excuse the fact that Pam & Tommy was made without Anderson’s consent and mostly against her will. Anderson has revealed that she has not watched the video due to the trauma and turmoil it has caused her. However, with the release of the series Pam and Tommy all the suffering and pain has revived, forcing her to relive all the trauma and worst memories of Anderson’s life. Although Pam & Tommy advocates the significance of female empowerment, the presence of the show proves that it doesn’t respect those concepts.

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