Queen of the South’s Season 6?

Queen of the South is an amazing tv show abundant with unpredicatble character development and scenes which will rush our adrenaline, viewers who are into crime, violence and drama genre will certainly enjoy it. Queen of the South originally premiered on USA Network on June, 2016 and is adapted from a telenovela titled “Le Reina del Sur”, the show is based on a woman named Teresa Mendoza played by Alice Braga. Teresa Mendoza is a poor Mexican woman who escapes to the United States following her boyfriend’s murder who happens to be a member of the drug cartel. Considering Mendoza’s connection to him, she uncovers that she has several enemies, so in order to stay alive she establishes her own drug empire and soon turns very rich. But many people want her killed. The last season of the show is season 5 which ended in June last year and ever since then viewers are wondering whether there will be season 6.

However, the USA Network announced on April, 2021 that Queen of the South will not be renewed and that season 5 was the finale. Although, in the entertainment industry things are known for changing and twists are prevalent, for instance The Dark Night Rises fame Tom Brady cancelling his retirement merely two months after announcing it. So far, USA Network has not shared any update regarding Queen of the South’s new season, therefore the audience should accept that the show is over for now. The show was popular, in fact Netflix aired it but in Season 4 the creators and producers uncovered a significant decrease in its viewership and rating. The same continued till the fifth season which witnessed an even bigger drop in the viewership. Earlier, the USA Network took off-air shows such as Suits, Pearson and Mr Robot.

Currently, USA and it’s parent company NBCUniversal are busy promoting their online streaming service called Peacock. During the ending of Queen of the South, which took place in season 5’s episode 9, the character of James shoots Teresa in her Belize mansion on the instructions of Devon Finch and the final episode focuses on the aftermath of the protagonist’s death. Samara is giving the cops a witness statement and Pote is spreading the ashes of Teresa. However, the story has an unexpected twist as fast forward to three years later Teresa Mendoza is alive and well. She succeeded in her brilliant plan, Teresa then tells that she opted to kill herself rather than go to jail or die at the hand of others, adding, “If either prison or death were my own options. What do you know? I chose life.”

Such an unanticipated climax left room for new storylines and plot!

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