Ortega and Gooding on Tara and Chad’s romance in ‘Scream VI’

It would have been surprising for anyone to expect a romance between Tara (Jenna Ortega) and Chad (Mason Gooding) after the events of “Scream 2022.” Chad was already in a relationship with Liv (Sonia Ammar) in that film, and he didn’t have many scenes with Tara. However, the marketing for “Scream VI” hinted at a potential romance between the two, which initially seemed unlikely since they didn’t have much interaction in the previous movie. Nevertheless, it turns out to be one of the most delightful aspects of the new film.

During their time in New York City, Tara, Chad, Mindy (Jasmin Savoy), and Sam (Melissa Carpenter) face a new Ghostface killer. As the killer’s attacks become more frequent and intense, the group becomes closer in various ways. Chad and Mindy’s twin bond grows stronger, Tara and Sam make progress in understanding each other, all four embrace Chad’s endearing “Core Four” nickname, and finally, Tara and Chad’s romantic relationship becomes official.

In the spoiler section of my interviews with Ortega and Gooding, I inquired about their perspectives on the new romantic aspect of the film. I specifically asked them how it contributes to their personal storylines rather than simply existing as a generic on-screen romance. Ortega’s response is as follows:

I think it’s just being able to add that layer for Tara, and I think because we’ve only ever seen her in distress for four hours now, I think it’s really wonderful for her to have some sort of relief, and especially in a character as lovely and cool as Chad. Also in the fifth one, we had no interaction at all. I don’t think we ever talked to each other, so I remember Mason and I being really surprised, but then also really pleasantly surprised when we got to work with one another because, fortunately enough, we kind of get along. Any sort of relationship is good for the evolution of a person, so I think that seeing Tara also have that added layer, I think it adds dimension and makes her more interesting.

This is Gooding’s perspective on the Tara and Chad relationship:

I think that says a lot about Tara and Chad that they would find love and to a certain extent romance on text that is so wrought with peril and danger and fear. And I think it has subtle nods to the suggestion that love will always prevail, and we’ll do what we can to protect the people we love and we care about and that’s Chad to a tee, and Tara certainly tried her best. [Laughs] But thankfully Chad has some sort of eldritch god within him that keeps him from dying. So bless him for it.

As The Core Four’s bond is highlighted in Scream VI, and Tara and Chad manage to survive multiple stabbings and make it through the events of the movie, their romantic relationship may be a crucial aspect of the next installment. Although Paramount has not yet confirmed Scream 7, the franchise’s highest opening weekend box office earnings suggest that the production of another sequel is probable.

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