Netflix’s Sex Education season 4 has begun filming

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Season 4 of Sex Education on Netflix has started shooting. Since its 2019 release, the British comedy about coming of age has become incredibly popular on Netflix. The Moordale Secondary School is the focus of the series, which follows the sexual antics and personal journeys of its pupils, instructors, and parents. After a lengthy delay, season 3 of Sex Education finally debuted in 2021. A week later, Sex Education was renewed for season 4, which may or may not be its final season.

It took some time for production to start, but it appears that Sex Education season 4 filming has now started. As he likely prepared to begin filming on the show, Asa Butterfield shared a photo of himself beside his vanity trailer on Instagram to deliver the update. One could suggest that Sex Education will feel entirely different when it returns to Netflix. While many anticipated that Moordale would reopen after the shocking season 3 finale, it appears that the show is going in a completely different direction, following the lives of the main characters as they transfer to a new school.

Unexpectedly, it was revealed at the conclusion of Sex Education season 3 that investors in the school pulled out after Moordale Secondary School was unable to repair its damaged reputation as a sex school. This indicates that it would be offered for sale to developers right away, requiring everyone to find alternative learning options going future. There is a presumption that Sex Education season 4 will depict what finally transpires to the educational establishment if it is unsuccessful in being rescued. It doesn’t appear to be the case, though, as teachers like Ms. Sands haven’t shown up. Instead of openly addressing their collective narrative on the fate of Moordale Secondary School, the Netflix series will shift its focus to specific character arcs.

For Sex Education season 4, a number of the cast membersincluding Simone Ashely, Patricia Allison, Tanya Reynolds, and Rakhee Thakrar won’t be back. But along with those cast changes, there will probably be some brand-new cast members that might completely change the dynamic of the future show. Sex Education season 4’s release date is uncertain as production has only recently begun, but viewers should keep an eye out for additional information as Netflix may soon reveal the show’s premiere date.

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