Netflix Renewal Status of ‘First Kill’ for Season 2 & What To Expect

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First Kill, a new teen drama series about a vampire who falls in love with a vampire hunter, is one of Netflix’s big new debuts in 2022. First Kill undoubtedly sets up a second season, but will we be returning for season 2? Here’s what we know so far.
V.E. Schwab’s new series, Juliette and Calliope, will premiere on June 3rd, 2022, much to the disappointment and amazement of everyone around them. Imani Lewis played Calliope Burns, Sarah Catherine Hook played Juliette Fairmont, Elizabeth Mitchell played Margot Fairmont, and Gracie Dzienny played Elinor Fairmont.

The series’ reviews appear to have divided critics and audiences. On RottenTomatoes, the show has a 52 percent approval rating among critics but a 93 percent approval rating among audiences. The series now has a 6.2 rating on IMDb. It’s worth mentioning that the show has a sizable and loud social media following.

Has First Kill get a second season on Netflix?

We don’t think it’s appropriate to make a forecast about the show’s future at this time. Usually, if we witness decreases in viewership of more than 50%, the show probably has no hope. The next phase of our discussion will focus on the show’s performance. The series’ performance, and notably how well it performs in weeks 2, 3, and 4, will ultimately determine whether it is renewed. The situation doesn’t seem very promising. Many of the show’s fans already know why the season won’t be renewed since they have taken to social media to criticise the marketing for the show.

How popular is First Kill on Netflix?

The show racked up 30.34 million hours in its first three days on Netflix worldwide, moving it up to number 7 for the week. In that first week, it had tough competition from Stranger Things, which dominated the headlines, and Surviving Summer, which was also aiming for a second season.
The show’s viewership increased by 61 percent in week 2 to 48.77 million hours, but it plummeted by 62 percent in week 3 as a result of a decline in viewing hours. It was watched for fewer than 15.02 million hours that week because it didn’t appear for a fourth week.

Season 2 of First Kill on Netflix: What to Expect

This eventually leads to a major squabble, with Juliette and Calliope’s love presumably gone, and Cal promising to murder Juliette and all legacies like her one day.
One of the major plot lines for a second season would be Theo, who is now a vampire, and his trip into that realm as well as coming to terms with his new reality. Elinor is in trouble for a second season, according to DigitalSpy, since “her role in the whole Theo-vamp disaster has accidentally put her in police detention.” How will she get out of jail without her parents’ help? Multiple murders are on the horizon.”


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