Netflix has released a teaser trailer for Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke’s Do Revenge

do revenge

Several Stranger Things and Riverdale favourites are joining forces with Netflix. In the new dark comedy flick Do Revenge, Maya Hawke and Camila Mendes join forces to fight back against their respective bullies. The complete trailer for the new film will be released online, according to the teaser given by Netflix today.
Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, who most recently co-authored Thor: Love and Thunder, wrote and directed the movie. She also developed Sweet/Vicious, wrote and directed Someone Great, and served as a consulting producer on Hawkeye. Robinson recently discussed the creation of Do Revenge with Elle.

Along with Mendes and Hawke, Do Revenge will also include Austin Abrams from Euphoria, Alisha Boe from 13 Reasons Why, and Jonathan Daviss from Outer Banks as Max’s pal Elliot and Drea’s best friend Tara. The film also stars Maia Reficco from Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin as Montana, Rish Shah from Ms. Marvel as Russ, Ava Capri from Love, Victor as Carissa, Paris Berelc from Alexa & Katie as Meghan, and Talia Ryder from Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Always as Gabbi.

Mendes will play Drea in Do Revenge, a popular girl who wants to exact revenge on her partner for disclosing her sex tape. Hawke portrays Eleanor, who was exposed by a girl who spread false information about her. The Netflix trailer may be seen below:

A deposed queen bee at a fancy private high school establishes a secret agreement with an unassuming new student to seek revenge on each other’s adversaries, according to the official synopsis provided by Netflix.
The dark comedy has been described as having thriller-like themes, but it also has humorous parts. In the teaser, Drea and Eleanor both express their emotions at one another, letting their resentment fester until they’re ready to destroy everything. It’s unclear how far the two will go to “avenge” those who harmed them because their chat is cut short by scenes of complete mayhem occurring at their posh private school.

We must wait till Netflix releases the complete trailer, which will happen soon, in order to get a better understanding of the movie’s premise. Robinson stated to Elle in July regarding her goals for bringing this tale to the big screen, “I think there are different periods where everyone’s the villain and everyone’s the hero in this story. And in many ways, it is what growing up entails. I wanted to create something that embodies the full palette of youth.
On September 16, 2022, Netflix will debut Do Revenge.

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