Netflix has cancelled Standing Up, with no plans for a second season


Standing Up (also known as Drôle in France) season 2 has been halted by Netflix after months of active development. According to the French magazine Les Inrockuptibles, a second season will not be released. Let’s look at the ratings for the show and see why it was cancelled.
The series premiered on Netflix on March 18th, and it was created by the same person who brought us Call My Agent!, which is widely regarded as one of Netflix’s best international releases in recent years.

Fanny Herrero, the creator of both Call My Agent! and Standing Up, recently talked about season 2 of Standing Up and said she was working on it. She revealed in the interview, which was released in late March 2022, that she is “already developing season 2” and touches on what we may expect from a season 2.
Standing Up has been cancelled, according to Oliver Joyard of the French magazine Les Incrockuptibles, who writes that despite a positive reception and critical acclaim, the show will not be renewed. The script was “two-thirds” completed, and the technical and creative teams had all been released from their obligations, according to them.

How did Standing Up do on Netflix?

The show was conspicuously absent from the top 10 TV (Non-English) global top 10, which offers information on the number of hours watched. We do have raw top 10 statistics to look over, which indicates that the show failed to make the top 10s even in France.
The show spent 20 days in Netflix France’s top 10 overall and 26 days in their top 10 TV. Aside from Netflix France, the show only lasted a day in the top ten in Belgium, Luxembourg, South Korea, and Morocco before disappearing.
Standing Up is one of several high-profile French-language series that have been cancelled. Last year, the big-budget television series La Revolution was cancelled.

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