Neil Gaiman updates the script for new Sandman episodes


New screenplays for The Sandman episodes have received an update from Neil Gaiman. The Sandman, a television series created specifically for Netflix based on the same-named comic book series authored by Gaiman, debuted in August. The fantasy series would dominate the Netflix ratings for many weeks, momentarily unseating Stranger Things season 4 from August 8–14. Although The Sandman gained widespread praise from critics and subsequently won fans’ hearts, the news that the program has been renewed for more episodes was only just made public in November. New episodes of Sandman have not yet been scheduled for release, however, they are anticipated to air in late 2023 or early 2024.

Gaiman shared some intriguing news regarding upcoming episodes of The Sandman on his Tumblr. Gaiman responded to a question from a fan asking, “Are the Sandman scripts already written for season 2, and did you have a hand in overseeing it?” Neil Gaiman working on new Sandman episode scripts See Gaiman’s response below:

Information about the new episodes of The Sandman

Gaiman and the actors of The Sandman have both hinted at potential future stories, even if the premise of upcoming episodes hasn’t been revealed yet because the scripts are still being produced. Delirium, the newest Endless member, will be a part of the series, and Gaiman has expressed his delight about casting the part on several occasions. The much-loved characters of Boyd Holbrook (The Corinthian) and Jenna Coleman (Johanna Constantine) have both hinted at potential comebacks. Coleman even hinted that Constantine may eventually have her own Sandman spinoff series, a notion that Gaiman has shown to be amenable to, though none of their, nor Netflix’s, official intentions have been confirmed.

Neil Gaiman updates the script for new Sandman episodes 2

Additionally, it was recently hinted that this upcoming installment of The Sandman would be divided into two parts, similar to how Stranger Things season 4 was. The concept of the program is also “on the table” when it comes to “Sandman,” according to Netflix’s head of U.S. and Canadian scripted series, Peter Friedlander. Additionally, Netflix has said that the renewed episodes would not be regarded as the second season of the program.

There is greater anticipation than ever for the release of new episodes of The Sandman since fans from all around the world are driving such a strong campaign for its renewal. The scripts for the new episodes have not yet been written, so it may still be some time before they are released. It is presently rumored that production for the new episodes will start in early 2023. The popularity of the series is often credited to Neil Gaiman’s ongoing involvement, and now that the author has revealed that he has a significant role in crafting the screenplays for the upcoming episodes, this new chapter will undoubtedly extend The Sandman’s reign on Netflix.

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