Kevin Hart provides a promising update on Jumanji 4

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Kevin Hart, who is a star of the Jumanji franchise, has given an encouraging update about the possibility of his return for the fourth installment. The sequels of Jumanji are recognized for featuring a storyline where a group of friends get transported into the bodies of video game characters within the Jumanji video game universe. In the previous fantasy comedy movie, Jumanji: The Next Level, Kevin Hart portrayed Mouse, a playable avatar controlled by both newcomer Milo (Danny Glover) and football player Fridge Johnson (Ser’Darius Blaine).

Hart, while talking to Variety on the Oscars red carpet, affirmed that there are plans in progress for Jumanji 4.

What we know about Jumanji 4

As Hart intends to come back for Jumanji 4, it’s probable that the movie will maintain the tradition of its sequels, which involves the human characters taking over the avatars in the virtual world. The specific journey that Mouse, Smolder, Shelly, and Ruby will undertake next remains unknown, but it seems that it will center around the video game once again, rather than reverting to the original Jumanji board game. Therefore, it’s probable that the Jumanji video game will remain the key mystical item of the franchise moving forward.

Kevin Hart provides a promising update on Jumanji 4 2

Despite the inclusion of Hart and Johnson’s game characters, there is a high likelihood that Jumanji 4 may not occur in the game world. In Jumanji: The Next Level, a post-credits scene depicts a heater repairman finding the video game in Spencer’s basement and playing it, resulting in a herd of ostriches charging down the street. This suggests that Jumanji 4 may take inspiration more from the initial movie, showcasing creatures and individuals from the game world venturing into the real world.

Assuming that Jumanji: The Next Level’s post-credits scene is considered part of the franchise’s storyline, Jumanji 4 may showcase the game characters interacting directly with college students in the real world. If this scenario plays out, Hart and Johnson’s personas as Mouse and Smolder could potentially shift from their previous depictions in the franchise since the students would no longer control their avatars. Hart’s statement implies that there are currently discussions in progress for the forthcoming film. Moreover, if the post-credits scene from Jumanji: The Next Level is any indication, Jumanji 4 may become the most significant movie in the franchise.

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