Keira Knightley is contemplating the possibility of making a comeback in Pirates of the Caribbean

Keira Knightley is contemplating reprising her role as Elizabeth Swann in an upcoming sequel of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. The actress first played the character in the 2003 movie, The Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, and continued to star in the next two sequels alongside Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. Throughout the series, her character evolved from being a helpless victim to a skilled pirate in her own right. Elizabeth’s last appearance was a short cameo in 2017’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

During the premiere of her latest movie, Boston Strangler, Keira Knightley was interviewed by ET and was asked about the possibility of her character Elizabeth Swann returning to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. The inquiry was triggered by Jerry Bruckheimer’s recent comments about his interest in reviving the series with Johnny Depp. In response, Knightley questioned the potential for Elizabeth Swann’s involvement, but ultimately expressed satisfaction with how the character’s storyline concluded by stating that “she sailed away so nicely. She sailed away in brilliant style.”

What Lies Ahead for the Pirates of the Caribbean Series?

Ever since its first release in 2003, the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has produced five movies. Despite their high production costs, the films have been incredibly lucrative, generating over $4.5 billion in worldwide box office sales. Additionally, the series has spawned a plethora of merchandise and popular characters like Jack Sparrow who have become firmly entrenched in pop culture.

Given the franchise’s enormous success, it’s not unexpected that Bruckheimer is eager to produce more sequels. Although Depp played the lead role in the last two installments, his personal issues with his ex-wife Amber Heard caused significant damage to his career. Consequently, he lost several acting opportunities, including the future of Pirates of the Caribbean, which became uncertain without its biggest star. Nevertheless, Bruckheimer has stated that he is prepared to reinstate Depp for a sixth movie.

Nonetheless, Knightley appears satisfied with not reprising her role. If Knightley chooses not to return, Bloom may also follow suit, given the intertwined love story of their characters. Thus, the franchise’s future is likely to depend on Depp’s involvement or an attempt at a reboot or spinoff, which could be a challenging task. Along with expressing a desire to have Depp back, Bruckheimer has also indicated that the upcoming sixth movie will feature a younger cast. Furthermore, the spinoff featuring Margot Robbie is still in the works. Therefore, despite Knightley’s departure, it’s clear that Pirates of the Caribbean is not yet finished.

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