Keanu Reeves is really excited to play role in MCU

Keanu Reeves is really excited to play role in MCU

Reeves broadly played the DC funnies character John Constantine in 2005’s Constantine from I Am Legend chief Francis Lawrence. The entertainer is unquestionably partial to the job, as of late saying that it’s the one characrer he’d love to play again whenever allowed the opportunity. Be that as it may, Constantine was most as of late played by Matt Ryan in the brief CW series and is reputed to show up in the arranged Justice League Dark film from WB. Until now, Constantine is the main comic book job Reeves has played, however obviously he’d be down for additional.

Reeves was gotten some information about where he would see himself squeezing into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, to which the entertainer said he truly “[didn’t] have a response.” Reeves proceeds to laud the MCU and his inventive friends working inside it, saying that there are many “superb” films from the series, just as creatives making them. Eventually, Reeves let it out would be “entertaining” to be a piece of Marvel’s activities. Peruse his full statement beneath:

“Goodness my gosh, I don’t have a clue! I really don’t have a response … There’s such countless magnificent movies and producers and craftsmen taking part in those movies … It would be enjoyable to be a piece of.”

It’s surely reasonable that Reeves would be enthused about a MCU job in future. Marvel is right now the worldwide pioneer for comic book films, with DC and free funnies dragging along, and a solid decision for any entertainer (veteran star or in any case). This week saw Spider-Man: No Way Home establishing new standards in post-pandemic Hollywood, demonstrating the backbone of the brand once more. Marvel has different movies turning out in 2022, remembering Doctor Strange for the Multiverse of Madness, Thor: Love and Thunder, and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, the greater part of which are wrapped or near wrapping. In any case, there’s a lot of chance for Reeves to find an advantageous MCU job that suits his range of abilities in the Phase 5 delivery shedule and then some.

Reeves has demonstrated his endless ability and on-screen presence consistently, and it would be a disgrace to stand by too long to even think about tracking down something deserving of his abilities in the MCU Bits of hearsay have twirled around a potential Marvel part for Reeves previously. Some have recently proposed Ghost Rider as a potential job, given Reeves liking for cruisers and trick ability. Eventually, however, Reeves could fit many a MCU job whenever given the right boundaries. He’s as of now demonstrated his image unwaveringness to establishments he cherishes, with a return in The Matrix Resurrections in a job that has been in his stable of characters for 22 years at this point. Whatever the job, ideally Reeves finds his way into the MCU as soon as possible, as it’s a sort and a wheelhouse that the entertainer would no uncertainty make the best of.

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