Kanye West Responds To Kim And Pete’s ‘Fireplace Sex’, After Episode 4 Of The Kardashian Season 2

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Despite getting his Instagram version limited following his contentious posts, Kanye West is restarting to speak his intellect and recently went on a rant against several individuals including ex-Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson, and also her mother Kris Jenner. The rapper lately appeared in a podcast conversation on Drink Champs with host N.O.R.E. 

Kanye preached several items in his podcast consultation including one of Kim’s recent disclosures on The Kardashians’ fourth episode. West who has already been in the middle of controversy following the backlash he obtained for his anti-semitic posts moved on to talk about Kim being a Christian and still making such disclosures on the show. The rapper at one point also ran after The Daily Show host Trevor Noah for arriving in the asset of Kim earlier this year when the rapper went on an online onslaught against her declaring she wasn’t allowing him to see their children. 

Kanye West Responds To Kim And Pete's 'Fireplace Sex', After Episode 4 Of The Kardashian Season 2 2

Kanye spoke on Kim Kardashian’s fireplace binge

Kim was recently heard describing her grandma MJ on the fourth episode of The Kardashians Season 2 that she and her ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson had sex in the gloss of the fireplace to honor her. While the acknowledgment went viral in no moment on social media, Kanye had a strong response to it during his podcast interview per TMZ, he said, Kim is a Christian. On TMZ I just saw yesterday it said, Pete and Kim had coupling by the fireplace to celebrate the grandmother. It’s Jewish Zionists that are about that energy, that’s telling this Christian lady that has four Black kids to put that out as a statement in the media. The rapper added also charged Kardashians of ebony imaging him as he moved on to declare that he has no superstar friends and how no one supported him when he went shared about Kardashians kidnapping his daughter and not providing him the oration to her birthday party.

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