Julia Roberts Reveals the Grim Fate of Pretty Woman’s Edward

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In a recent interview, Julia Roberts, the iconic star of films like Pretty Woman, Runaway Bride, and Notting Hill, shared her predictions for the fates of some of her most beloved characters. Among them was the iconic duo from Pretty Woman, Vivian and Edward, played by Roberts and Richard Gere, respectively.

Roberts revealed that in her imagination, Edward would have passed away peacefully in his sleep from a heart attack, with a smile on his face. She added a twist to the story by suggesting that Vivian would now be running his business, marking a departure from the fairy-tale ending portrayed in the film.

The actress also shared her thoughts on other memorable characters from her filmography. For Maggie and Ike from Runaway Bride, Roberts envisioned a happier ending, stating simply, “They stay together.”

Moving on to Notting Hill’s Anna and William, Roberts imagined a tranquil retirement for Anna, who now has six children while maintaining her figure, while William continues to run the bookshop, with Anna managing a knitting annex.

For Mystic Pizza’s Daisy and Charles, Roberts expressed hope that the couple remained together and had a family of their own.

Lastly, she reflected on The Pelican Brief’s Darby and Gray, suggesting that their love story continued beyond the confines of the film, with both characters deeply in love with each other.

Roberts’ musings offer fans a glimpse into the potential futures of these beloved characters, adding depth and nuance to their on-screen journeys. While some endings may be bittersweet, they reflect the complexities of life and love beyond the confines of a two-hour movie.

credit – Getty images
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