Johnny Depp’s attempts to present Amber Heard’s nude photos as evidence during defamation lawsuit


The defamation case between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife, Amber Heard, may have ended, but not all of the terrible claims and allegations the two former lovers made against one another were admitted during the trial. Pre-trial court documents that were just recently made public show that Depp’s team attempted to introduce nude photos of Heard as proof, Heard’s team made an effort to imply Depp was using erectile dysfunction medication, and there were allegedly damning texts that were not permitted to be presented at the trial.

Depp’s team allegedly attempted to use Heard’s nude images as proof, according to Entertainment Tonight. Additionally, Heard’s team made an effort to imply that Depp was taking erectile dysfunction medicine and that there were allegedly incriminating texts that were not permitted to be presented during the trial. Everyone involved in the high-profile case, including members of their family, testified during the trial’s several weeks of deliberation.

Heard’s team also asserts that Depp’s attorneys provided copious images and audio recordings as proof of the alleged physical harm and verbal abuse that Depp claimed to have endured. During the pre-trial proceedings, it was also made plain that Depp’s attorneys had asserted Heard “wants a circus” and “obviously intends to lead this trial down a variety of excessively salacious rabbit holes, including and especially with respect to Mr. Depp’s medical history.” The docs made it clear that Depp’s lawyers also attempted to have text messages between him and Marilyn Mason excluded.

According to reports, these startling revelations were disclosed in the 6,000 pages of pre-trail court filings. According to recent reports, Amber Heard filed for bankruptcy in order to avoid paying Johnny Depp the USD 10 million judgement award that was due to the actor.

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