Johnny Depp Submitted His Fake And Altered Injury Pics During Amber Heard’s Trial

1 Johnny Depp wins right to sue ex wife Amber Heard for libel after Hollywood boycott

Did Johnny Depp alter photos of his injuries that were shown in court during the Amber Heard case? During the weeks-long defamation trial, a lot of new information and old ones appeared. Both Hollywood celebs drew the limelight towards them, which doesn’t appear to go away. Earlier, a lot of buzzes was formed when beliefs arose that Amber has affected her scrapes photos. Before the trial started, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor was permitted to go via Heard’s phone to confirm that her damaged photos were faked. The same topic occurred during the trial and some said that Amber had used cosmetics to create fake bruises. Now, a new assertion has come in that conditions it wasn’t just Amber Heard who allegedly manufactured it, but so did Johnny Depp. As per Geo TV, the unsealed court records that were displayed by Depp‘s fans detail this charge. Mr. Depp’s presentation raises profound authenticity and manipulation problems, as most of the metadata does not include any Creation Date.

Johnny Depp Submitted His Fake And Altered Injury Pics During Amber Heard's Trial 2

The items that do have Creation Date metadata primarily reflect dates after this lawsuit was pointed, and the metadata shows the items were Modified days before their presentation, in this case, it persisted. As previously discussed by Mr. Johnny Depp, it is crucial that Heard be allowed to read this proof to analyze whether, when, and by what indicates [Mr. Depp] has used it. Examples of the same were said in the papers. One of them contained pictures of presumed scrapes and bruises caused by Ms. Heard. It said for how one picture the metadata has a Create and Modified Date of 7/24/2019, and the other image has no Create Date and a Modified Date of 7/4/2020, which causes no sense if Ms. Heard allegedly caused these marks.

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