Jamie-Lynn Sigler nearly died after bad reaction to srugery that left her with sepsis


Jamie-Lynn Sigler nearly died around a year ago.

The 43-year-old actress – who has multiple sclerosis (MS) – had a nasty reaction to surgery and a near-death experience after she battled sepsis upon returning home from a spiritual retreat in India. Appearing on her ‘MeSsy’ podcast,

she recalled: “A little less than a year ago now is when I went to India, and I lived in this ashram and I felt so awakened and connected and peaceful. “And when I came home, two weeks later, I had a very bad reaction to a surgery and got sepsis and was in the hospital and almost died. I never told anybody this.”

The ‘Sopranos’ star never felt “more low” and recalled how she would “scream in pillows”, weep to her friends and reached out and spoke to a therapist.

She shared: “I had never in my life been more sad, felt more low. But what I learned from India was I had an inability to escape it. “I had to sit in it. I would scream in pillows; I would cry to girlfriends. I reached out, I sat by myself, I got a therapist. I did all of these things I had never really done before and went through this process that was absolutely necessary.”

In 2020, Jamie-Lynn shared how she has embraced the “positive” side of having MS.

The screen star was diagnosed with the condition – which affects the central nervous system, disrupting the flow of information within the brain and between the brain and body – more than two decades ago, and as time has passed, she’s learned to appreciate that her medical issues have made her the person she is today.

Speaking on ‘People Now’, she said: “I have my bad days, as we all do.

“For me it was about fighting it and keeping it a secret and covering it up, then when I became public it was accepting people knew and now it’s shifted into this thing where…

“I think people don’t realise with chronic illness, it’s so much physical stuff but emotionally it can affect you even more. “I’m realising all the things it has brought me, the positive things it had brought to me, who it has made me today I know I wouldn’t be without it.

“Do I still wish I didn’t have MS? Sure. But it’s my thing in this lifetime and I’m dealing with it as best I can.”

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