Is Post Malone Alright? Concerns Over The Singer’s Wellbeing Grow

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Music fans are concerned over Post Malone‘s well being as his Australian tour continues.

The singer on Sunday night, suddenly started raising eyebrows, then twitching and fidgeting in the middle of his Sydney show.

The footage of him rubbing his skin and playing with his T-shirt while screaming his lyrics is now going viral.

Fans expressed their concerns on social media. Some are fearing that the ‘rockstar’ rapper might be battling an illness or an addiction. A Twitter user wrote, “I really hope he’s staying clean. Some movements worry me,” while another wrote, “Maybe it’s like a nervous tick?”

While some of his fans defended the singer by saying he’s alright. A user wrote, “He’s always been an animated performer like this. Stop,” Someone else wrote, “That’s just how he performs that specific song.”

A netizen slammed those who’re attributing singer’s behavior to drug consumption. He wrote, “Imagine being so numb to artistic expression that a professional musician passionately belting lyrics to a song called ‘I fall apart’ live causes you to think internally ‘wow that guy looks weird up there, why isn’t he singing it normally, I’m worried’.”

Post Malone is ‘happy and healthy’

On the other hand, sources close to Post Malone addressed concerns over singer’s wellbeing. They told TMZ that he’s “happy and healthy and nothing is amiss.”

TMZ also reported that his sources asked fans to calm down as the singer is not on drugs or sick.

They Further added that Post’s weight gain has something to do with his upcoming movie role and that’s the reason singer has been “adhering to a strict diet and working out.”

Malone‘s dad, Rich Post also responded to his son’s new look. “Healthiest he’s been in years! Mentally and physically,” Rich commented on an Instagram post of his son.

Post Malone is currently touring in Australia as a part of his world tour.

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