Is ‘Chicago Fire’ Setting Up a Reunion Between Violet and Gallo?

On Chicago Fire, Violet’s love life is filled with turmoil. When she started meeting Chief Hawkins, what had first been resentment that her ex-Gallo was seeing someone else transformed into joy. Since Hawkins’ passing, Violet has been unable to cope and has turned to her friends, particularly Ritter and Gallo, for help as she deals with her loss.

Fans have speculated that Violet and Gallo are being set up to reconcile even though she is still grieving Hawkins and needs friends. Are the rumors accurate?

The romantic plot between Violet and Gallo in ‘Chicago Fire’

The first time we see Violet is in Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 10, where she chastises Gallo for not following the correct procedures in the wake of a vehicle accident. The other characters see the pair’s undeniable chemistry and mistakenly label their frequent disagreements as flirtations. At the end of the episode, Violet eventually approaches Gallo, and the two share a bed.

The couple begins dating after a few introductory episodes in which they get to know one another. Later, Violet is OK when Gallo says he wants a non-exclusive relationship, and he says this to her. Gallo, however, becomes upset when Violet goes out with another man and expresses remorse over committing to an open relationship. Then he proposes marriage at random, which Violet accepts without hesitation. Additionally, Violet discovers she still has a love for Gallo when he begins seeing someone else in Season 10. When Chief Hawkins appears, Violet attempts to hide her passion for Gallo and begins to flirt with him. After breaking up with Violet, Gallo wants to rekindle their romance but she rejects him.

Hawkins and Violet ultimately begin dating, but their union is sadly ended when he was killed in a construction collapse.

Will Violet and Gallo reunite?

The most watched episodes of Chicago Fire usually include a couple coming together after having denied their love for most of the season. As additional listeners join the station, the romance subplot has developed into a crucial component of the show that most fans eagerly anticipate. Weekly viewers check in to see which couples will end up getting back together or splitting up. Gallo and Violet’s ability to maintain their friendship as friends or they would pursue a romantic connection is one of Chicago Fire’s current central plotlines. Fans have been thinking that a reunion between Violet and Gallo is being planned since after Hawkins passed away. Gallo, played by Alberto Rosende, disagrees, though.

Regarding the future of Gallo and Violet on the Chicago Fire, Rosende spoke to NBC Insider:

“Romantically, I don’t think Gallo even has that door open anymore right now because of everything Violet’s gone through. Remember, Gallo knew Evan Hawkins, as well. So there’s this hole there that wasn’t there before. They’ll continue to be there for each other. For sure.”

Chicago Fire is experiencing constant tension, and Gallo and Violet’s relationship has been a topic of discussion among viewers. While some fans believe Violet and Gallo should be together, others believe their relationship is growing stale. When asked if the couple should be dating, a Reddit commenter said,

“They are way better off as friends. And they barely dated. He slut-shamed her, and she deserves better. There was always too much back and forth with them, and people are over it.”

All indications now point to a tight friendship between Gallo and Violet. As the two support one another through their grief over Hawkins, the roles may reverse.

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