Inside Mason and Reign Disick’s Birthday Celebration: Family Love and Fun

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Instagram/Kris Jenner

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick’s sons, Mason and Reign, celebrated their milestone birthdays on December 14, marking ages 14 and 9, respectively. As the family commemorated this special occasion, their love and joy for the boys were evident through heartfelt messages and shared moments.

Khloe Kardashian, via her Instagram Story, expressed disbelief at how quickly Mason has grown, marveling at his newfound teenage status. Alongside a video capturing the brothers’ laughter and bond, Khloe shared her love for the duo, emphasizing their strong brotherly connection.

Scott Disick offered a glimpse into the birthday festivities by sharing a photo of a grand balloon arch adorned with the words “Happy Birthday M & R!” on his Instagram page. In his caption, Scott expressed gratitude for his sons, highlighting how they bring joy and meaning to his life every day.

Meanwhile, Kris Jenner, affectionately known as “lovey” to her grandsons, reflected on the unique coincidence of having two grandsons share the same birthday. Posting a heartfelt tribute on Instagram, Kris celebrated Mason and Reign’s individual personalities and talents, cherishing the precious memories they’ve created together over the years.

The birthday celebration also provided a rare sighting of Mason, who is typically kept out of the public eye. Kim Kardashian shared a recent photo of her nephews, showcasing Mason’s growth and unique style. In the image, Mason stood tall beside his dad, sporting long hair—a testament to his individuality and evolving identity.

As Mason and Reign embark on another year of life, surrounded by love and support from their family, their birthdays serve as moments of reflection and celebration. From heartfelt messages to shared laughter and joy, the Kardashian-Disick clan comes together to honor the special bond between Mason and Reign, wishing them continued happiness and growth in the years ahead.

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